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Good News for Book Readers !

Book Reader

Thank you for visiting one of the most unique sites on the Internet !

The fast-growing GOOD EBOOKS™ website is totally different!

GOOD EBOOKS™ provides readers with a wide gamut of good books and an almost unlimited selection of fresh, new titles by fresh, new authors ! We have 1,000+ author associates, who constantly offer a broad selection of titles.

GOOD EBOOKS™ offers you these unique books all in one place, because we have 8 webpages dedicated totally FREE for book promotion for all authors. This service is offered absolutely FREE as one aspect of our passion to assist all authors with their marketing. The outcome is perfect for the author as well as the reader.

GOOD EBOOKS™ has something for all readers ... "Biblical Gold" pages, which contain wonderful inspirational Christian books from our associate Inspirational authors. In addition, we have books for children at "Kidz World"!

We have expanded our viewer's selection of books, with a poetic page - "World of Poetry".

And at GOOD EBOOKS™, you will find four(4) major book sellers at our book shopping centers. (Click A Logo):

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Well over 50% of GOOD EBOOKS™' site visitors are repeat customers ... thank you ! This tells us we must be doing something right ?

While you're here at GOOD EBOOKS™, why not peruse this gold mine of unique writings ?

Thank you for honoring us with your visit, please come back often ! Remember, this is the best place for good customers like you to meet our great authors !

So look 'em over, no extra cost to shop on GOOD EBOOKS™ !


GOOD EBOOKS™ is not only one of the fastest-growing websites on the Internet, but is also very unique !

Why is GOOD EBOOKS™ so different ? Most web sites associated with books merely display hundreds of book covers pointing the visitor to Amazon Kindle ! Let's face it, most of us are capable of shopping there on our own. We can visit Amazon and we can do searches for any book, category, or author ourselves.

GOOD EBOOKS™ has a very good Google search rank, too. When one enters search the key "good ebooks", Google displays us on page 1, near the top ! (Our bragging rights !). Let us also mention we are above the one million metric in Alexa !

At GOOD EBOOKS™, we go the extra mile for our book lovers and for our authors too. We have thousands of repeat customers and over 9,000 associated author friends !

GOOD EBOOKS™ advertising writers range from emerging to best-selling authors, which means you have access to an extreme range of good books !

This also means you, our valued customer, have access to a unique niche of fresh, new titles, which you can't find on Amazon, or any other giant book store, all in one place. We have done all the "donkey work" and hav™e assembled a gold mine of new Books for your selections.

GOOD EBOOKS™ has expanded its operation to include sales in the British Isles and Canada. These books can be purchased in local currency as well. So now we are truly global, international, world-wide !

Our analytics reports show us that well over 50% of our website visitors are repeat viewers . . . thank you ! This tells us we are doing what you want us to do !

We post new titles in all categories almost every day for your perusal . . . . . book-mark us. Thank you for honoring us with your visit, and do come back again soon !

Riley Geddings

Good News for Book Writers !

Book Author

You have come home to one of the most unique sites for authors on the Internet !

Why is GOOD EBOOKS™ totally different for you?

Most websites associated with book authors will not post your ads. They may possibly post your comments.

As you know, if you have visited us before, we have a passion, one aspect of which is to assist all authors, especially upcoming emerging authors with their marketing endeavors.

GOOD EBOOKS™ maintains a good number of free web pages, each running for at least 30 days, and even some which will never expire.

If these webpages become fully booked, we offer a very low-cost alterative, which allows authors to publish 3-month ads for less than $39 for 3 full months. These ads currently run on up to 17 non-free webpages, linking direct to Amazon, giving you maximum exposure!

In addition, we have a popular, global, Barnes & Noble shopping center, "Shop Barnes & Noble" ! These ads are available for less than $17 for 3 full months.

All of your book ads are full-color, book-cover, and link to Amazon USA, Amazon Australia, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble Nook direct.

Thank you for helping us help you.

Place your ads now ... "Get 'em out there" !

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Because I am also a published writer and author of books, I know first hand that marketing them is not easy. It has been estimated that 55,000 new books are published every day and counting.

Our GOOD EBOOKS™ website has adopted a policy, or mission, if you will, to assist authors by creating book-cover, direct-link promotional advertising for their books, and our service is absolutely FREE in 8 areas !

All ads link our site visitors direct to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Our unique marketing technique is a WIN-WIN situation for authors, for book readers, and for us here at GOOD EBOOKS™. GOOD EBOOKS™ benefits from the popularity - making us one of the fastest growing and unique websites in the books arena. Authors benefit because when we publish their book ads, it gives them another exciting niche to promote their books. Our advertising reports show the rapid growth in our click-through ads from GOOD EBOOKS™ to Amazon (USA, UK, CA) and Barnes & Noble by our visitors.

Our customers, who simply love books, benefit because it gives them more exposure to fresh, new books by our fresh, new authors, thereby giving them an avenue, which they would not have otherwise, all in one place !

These webpages, which are totally dedicated free to these authors are:

An area of multiple webpages, totally dedicated to Inspirational authors is "Biblical Gold"
(Go There Now)

And let's not forget our children ... their Books are found at a new, exciting page, "Kidz World"
(Go There Now)

For the poetically-inclined, poem-loving readers, we have added "World of Poetry", books of poems
(Go There Now)

Adding to our "Full Service" is a page for designers of book covers and book illustrators.
(Go There Now)

Adding further to our "Full Service" is a page for book publishers of any size, "Publisher Page"
(Go There Now)

Our author friends can feature their newly-released titles in our center-fold "New Releases"
(Go There Now)

These authors certainly would appreciate your business and interest !

Thank you, and I wish you all the very best,

Riley Geddings,

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