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The Home of Good Ebooks is located in beautiful Carrollwood Village in the Tampa Bay area of the "Sunshine State" - Florida, U.S.A.


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The primary purpose of this website is to promote books & eBooks for all authors. Currently, GOOD EBOOKS is associated with well over 900 authors of all writing levels.

In addition, GOOD EBOOKS presents these writings to our thousands of faithful customers. Over half of our visitors are repeat customers because they know we will offer them new, fresh reads every day.

GOOD EBOOKS strives to be a good source for useful and helpful information such as good links, news, and articles for authors and readers alike.

GOOD EBOOKS is the best meeting place to bring readers and authors together !


Riley and Maggie are published authors and understand how important it is to assist authors present their books/eBooks for successful marketing. In the quietness of their writing studio, Riley and Maggie keep quite busy with their writing endeavors.    Since they co-author selected eBooks, they bounce their ideas back and forth to come up with scenarios which turn out to become twice as good.   Riley writes the adventure and action, whereas Maggie writes the deep, passionate romance.

Computer Room

These writers utilize four networked Windows 10 computers, one for Riley, one for Maggie, and a laptop each to carry on trips.    Both writers use these computers as word processors; but Riley also creates and develops all software used by Good Ebooks, such as online site web pages and associated marketing endeavors.   The software, images, and videos are uploaded to the internet.   Both authors use Word Perfect, and write eBooks utilizing the latest Office Word.   The completed eBooks are published online and shipped to all major book stores. To name a few, Apple, Amazon, Blio, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Kobo, Page Foundry (Inktera), Smashwords, Sony, and many others.


Riley and Maggie have a passion to help and assist authors of any level with their marketing endeavors. One way they assist them, is to provide those authors with an avenue to market their books by posting Full-Color, Book-Cover advertising to help them sell. The paid ad prices are extremely low and GOOD EBOOKS even provides an additional 6 full web pages of ads at no cost to them !

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