"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."
Mathew 5:16 (KJV)

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These eBooks, and/or books, are written by Christian and other religious authors, and will give you a wide gamut of titles.

From personal experiences to miracles, from tragedy to triumph, heart-warming stories which are sure to inspire you. This is truly a Biblical Gold Mine, a unique niche of good Christian eBooks and books for the Christian reader and Christian author alike !

So enjoy and please visit us often, these multiple pages are updated often (almost daily !) with new titles.

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"When Dark Paths Meet"
by Donnie W Jackson
"YCE Young Christian Entrepreneurs"
by Paul Musick
"The Purple Storm"
by E.M. Wilkie
"The Broken Journey"
by E.M. Wilkie
"The Mustardseeds"
by E.M. Wilkie
"The Rumour Mill"
by E.M. Wilkie
"Missions Abandoned"
by Andrew Jit & Owen Jennings
"My Journey With Emma"
by Kim Houser
"Covenant Keeper"
by Angie Dent
"Él Conocía Mi Nombre"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Examine First, Yourself"
by Angela Crudupt
"Stones for Bread"
by Sheryl Landry
"Lucy's Story"
by Lucy Spurlock
"Face To Face"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"One Flesh"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Holding the Hand of a King"
by Kathryn J Bain
"Odres Viejos y Vino Nuevo"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"A Biblical Perspective on Aging"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Are All "So Called" Biblical Grounds for Divorce, "Biblical"?"
by Sameh Henari
"Songs from the Heart"
by Tim Riordan
"The Gospel of John as Poetry"
by Kealoha Wells
"The Priestly Line"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Re:Birth: Pregnancy Restored"
by Alexandra Kulick
by Lisa J. Flickinger
"Giving Candy To Strangers"
by Stan Holden
"False Roads to Manhood"
by Dr. Frank Chase Jr.
"God's guide to the end times"
by William Luke
"God's will for our daily lives"
by William Luke
by Dr. Frank Chase Jr.
"Socrates, Jesus and Freedom"
by Joan Arnsteen
"Time With Daddy"
by Seth Poston
"Your Strength Depleted Your Struggle Real"
by Linda B. Maierwieser
"Making Peace with Prickly People"
by Deb Potts
by Carolyn Molica

And the Faith to Know What to Do About It Part 1
by Carolyn Molica

Kindle Edition Part 2
by Carolyn Molica

Kindle Edition
"A Chronological Commentary of Revelation"
by Barry Dysert
"Who Cares About the Bible?"
by Tom Hilpert
"Haven's Flight"
by Dena Netherton
"Ashes to Beauty"
by C.H. Boshoff
"God's heart of Grace"
by C.H. Boshoff
"Heaven’s News!!!"
by Aaron K. David
"The Struggle Is Real But God's Grace Is Life Changing"
by Lynn R Davis
"The Grace of Fruitfulness"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
Historical Fiction Library

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"When Hearts Collide"
by Lorana Hoopes
"Where It All Began"
by Lorana Hoopes
"The Power of Prayer"
by Lorana Hoopes
"Out of the Cults and Into the Church"
by Janis Hutchinson

"The Mormon Missionaries"
by Janis Hutchinson

"Siguiendo Adelante"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Learning to Eat"
by Marya Washington Tyler
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"The Revival Pathway"
by Dr. Jeremy Mays
"Wounded Hearts and Empty Pews"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"The Defenders of Aletheia"
by E. M. Wilkie
"Heal my Wounds"
by George Calleja
"The light"
by George Calleja
by Alan Balmer
"Destitutio Quod Remissio"
by Brett Armstrong
"Day Moon"
by Brett Armstrong
"No Longer Me"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Long Road Out of Ur"
by Joel Thimell
"Victorious Healing and Growth through God's Grace"
by Alison R. Blackwood
"The Freedom of Bondage"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Exchanging Heavenly Rewards for Earthly Gain"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Drawing Near"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Jesus The game changer"
by Abraham A
"40 Day Lent Vocabulary Word Devotional"
by Alan Balmer
"¿Qué Tienes En La Mano?"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"My Demon-Possessed Mother"
by Willie Estrada
"Not What I Expected"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"The Poor Snowman"
by Diamond Kelley
"La Fe De Otro"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"31 Days of Praise for Depression"
by Stephanie A. Mayberry
"Abraham: Living the Life of Faith"
by Gregory Brown
"The Names of the Believers in the Bible in Types and Symbols"
Believers' Real Estate
by Dr. Surya Kumar Daimari

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