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These eBooks, and/or books, are written by inspirational authors, and will give you a wide gamut of titles.

From personal experiences to miracles, from tragedy to triumph, heart-warming stories which are sure to inspire you. This is truly a Biblical Gold Mine, a unique niche of good Christian eBooks and books for the Christian reader and Christian author alike !

So enjoy and please visit us often, these multiple pages are updated often (almost daily !) with new titles.

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"Psalms (Volume 1)"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod

"Psalms (Volume 2)"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod

"The Unity of Truth"
by John W. Ray

"Cordell's Poems of Spiritual Inspiration"
by Mack Moore

"Divine Truths Revealed"
by Ariela Solsol

by F. Wayne Mac Leod

"Seated Above, Looking Below"
by Bobby Brown

"Vengeance & Betrayal"
by John Cunningham Jr.

"River Ruckus, Bloody Bay"
by John Cunningham Jr.

by Jackie Castle

"Strong Happy Family"
by Donna Baer

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