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These eBooks, and/or books, are written by inspirational authors, and will give you a wide gamut of titles.

From personal experiences to miracles, from tragedy to triumph, heart-warming stories which are sure to inspire you. This is truly a Biblical Gold Mine, a unique niche of good Christian eBooks and books for the Christian reader and Christian author alike !

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"Winter Chill"
(Seasons of the Heart)
by Susette Williams
"The Guild: New Recruit"
by Tracy L. Judy
"Like A Lily"
by Victoria Pitts-Caine
"The Christmas Answer"
by Kimberly B. Jackson
"Be The Blessing"
by Paula Mowery
by Victoria Pitts-Caine
"Palace of the Three Crosses"
(Palace of the Twelve Pillars)
by Christina Weigand
"Sarah: A Mission of Love"
by Gay N. Lewis
"Sarah: Laney's Angel"
by Gay N. Lewis
"Here Today Gone Tomorrow"
by Carlene Havel
"A House Divided"
by Sydell Voeller
"Daughter of the King"
by Carlene Havel
"Palace of the Twelve Pillars"
(Book One - Volume 1)
by Christina Weigand
"Courage Dares"
(#4 Sisters of Spirit)
by Nancy Radke
"The Book of Ruth"
(Show and Tell Bible)
by Nancy Radke
"Kill Shot"
Wounded Heroes Book One
by Anne Patrick
"A Devotional Journey through Judges"
by Laura Krokos
"A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven"
by Chris Loehmer Kincaid
"Faith, Hope & Love"
by Kimberly Rae Jordan
"Running With The Spirit"
by Gary Lombardo
"Submission through Unconditional Love"
by Deb Ling

"The Walking Wounded"
by Deb Ling
"The Wounded Soldier"
by Deb Ling
"Prophetic Dance Hidden in Plain View"
by Deb Ling
"Times of Trial"
an End Times Thriller
by Cliff Ball
"The Freedom Inside"
Delicate Cargo
by Pola Muzyka
"The Punishment of the Gods", by Jake Yaniak
"The Dog Next Door"
by Callie Smith Grant
"In the Presence of My Enemies"
by Gracia Burnham
"Biblical Proof Animals Do Go To Heaven"
by Steven H. Woodward
"Consider the Thorns"
by Michelle Lynn Brown
"The Crab Syndrome "
by Antuan Simmons
"Purposeful Planning"
by Phyllis Sather
"The Time Under Heaven"
by Laurinda Wallace
"Times of Turmoil"
by Cliff Ball
"The Beloved Daughter"
by Alana Terry
"Duty" (a novel of Rhynan )
by Rachel Rossano
"In the Enemy's Service"
by Annie Douglass Lima
"Miracles in Disguise"
by Michelle Lynn Brown
"The Missing Piece"
by Carol McCormick
"Your Special Gift"
by Carol McCormick
"Hallelujah Praise and Worship Manual"
by Devon Wilford-Said
"From Within"
(Inspirational Poetry and Creative Expression)
by Devon Wilford-Said
"Times of Trouble"
Book #2 in End Times Saga
by Cliff Ball
"Window Pains (Modeling Positive Behaviors)"
by Carol McCormick
"21 Days of Faith Challenge "
by Shelley Hitz
"Under His Wings"
by Joy DeKok
"DARK LIAISON, A Christian Suspense Novel"
by D.I. Telbat
"The Runaway Pastor's Wife"
by Diane Moody
"SCARS: Christian Fiction End-Times Thriller "
by Patience Prence
"Cat Tales and Whiskers"
by Ciella Naden
"30 Pieces of Silver"
by Carolyn McCray
"The Four Faces"
by Retha Groenewald
"The 15th Star"
by Lisa Grace

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