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Look on this page to locate a professional editor, who can ensure your book meets all the requirements necessary for your book to be publish ready. Some even offer Ghost-Writing service!

Select from these experts to find the editor who will fit your editing needs. These highly-qualified editors will put the final touch to your writen masterpiece ! These select editors come highly recommended by our GOOD EBOOKS Company, and some even do business with us in the form of advertising.

We are providing this page as yet another source for all authors who need assistance with their book promotions.

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Wendy Strain

"Do you love great stories? Me too. Living them, writing them, revising them, polishing them or pulling them from the mind of a non-writer to help their ideas become reality. Helping you share your concepts with the world allows me to live my passion as a ghostwriter, editor, story coach, and freelance writer."

Free sample / consultation
Copy edits
Substantial edits
Ghostwriting / Story coaching

Email: WendyStrain@WriteOnWendy.com

Contact me at LinkedIn or Facebook

Alex Kirk, Freelance Editor

before you commit!

the lowest level of editing; spelling, grammar, punctuation.

higher-level editing than proofreading; reviewing to improve accuracy, readability, and fitness for its purpose; ensuring written matierial is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition.

(a.k.a. content editing or substantive editing) - higher-level editing than copyediting; "Basically, a developmental editor helps an author develop ideas or develop a manuscript if it already exists into a coherent, readable work" (The EFA.org).

I usually base my rates on the chart here.

For Complete Details, Please email:
Alex Kirk

See my Linkedin Profile:
Alex Kirk

Deb Ling

"I am an author coach. I have been editing since the late 80s. I owned my own newspaper before relocating to CA. I now work with authors exclusively."

Developmental editing
Linking TOC

Email: Send Mail


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I have edited everything from fiction, blogs, and DIY
books to theses, websites, and travel/entertainment
reviews, and will provide you with a free sample edit
of your work
for evaluation.

Copy Editing - I will fine-tune the language of your
manuscript, adjust words, sentences, and even
paragraphs to improve logic and flow so your work will
make the best impression possible.

Proofreading - the final step
before publication. Scrutinizing
your document with a fine-tooth
comb, I will catch every typo and
mistake in spelling, grammar
and/or punctuation to provide a
100% error-proof manuscript.

See PendleysProEditing.com for
more info, samples, and client

                          Heather Pendley

Email: PendleysProEditing@gmail.com

Contact me at Linkedin or Facebook

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