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Where is GOOD EBOOKS Located ?

In a beautiful village in northern Tampa, Florida - "Carrollwood Village".

Does the GOOD EBOOKS Company have a physical store ?

No, it operates world wide online with

Does GOOD EBOOKS also sell and promote books as well as eBooks ?

Absolutely ! Promoting BOOKS is also a major part of the operation.

Where Does GOOD EBOOKS promote and advertise books ?

GOOD EBOOKS is literally a world-wide book-marketing operation !

How can I contact GOOD EBOOKS ?

You can use the "contact link" located on the navigation bar at the top of any webpage.

How are my purchases delivered to me?

Since eBooks are paperless, they are delivered to you electronically. Hence, no physical shipping and no shipping charges !
However, since GOOD EBOOKS creates book-cover ads direct to Amazon and Barnes & Noble, if a visitor links to any of those, and makes any non-digital purchase, it will be physically shipped.

Can I pay for my purchases with a credit card ?

Absolutely ! All major credit cards are honored. You can pay with PayPal as well.

How do I know my order and payment transaction will be safe?

You will be accessing the websites of highly reputable online companies !   Their security technology ensures the safest and most reliable customer checkout experience in the industry.

Does the GOOD EBOOKS Company sell my email address ?

Absolutely NOT ! We will never, ever pass any of your data to anyone else ! We are not in the email address business.

What eBook and book categories are available from GOOD EBOOKS ?

The short answer would be 'all categories' because GOOD EBOOKS links you to Amazon and/or B&N, which house millions of eBooks and books in every conceivable category !
GOOD EBOOKS may display Fiction, Adventure, Intrigue, Mystery, Action, Romance, Love, Passion, and more.
Non-fiction, Documentary, Religion, and Inspirational.

What is the price range of titles from GOOD EBOOKS ?

Usually the selling-price range is from pennies to around $9.99 per eBook.

What eReader formats are available with the GOOD EBOOKS' eBooks ?

Basically every format for all eReaders are available.

Are GOOD EBOOKS' titles ever discounted ?

YES - very often we, and some of our associated authors will run special prices on eBooks and books.

Does GOOD EBOOKS ever promote authors' titles free ?

YES, in fact, we have a passion to assist authors with marketing their writings ! Limited, free promotions are available in several areas ...........
"Kidz World', "Biblical Gold", "New Releases", "Directory of Authors", "Designers", "Editors", and "Publishers".
To be fair to all authors, we reserve the right to limit the number of free ads for any one author.

I am an author. Can I advertise my book or eBook on GOOD EBOOKS ?

YES, we currently run paid ads with direct links to Amazon USA, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble (Global).

How can I receive info from GOOD EBOOKS, such as specials, discounts, and newsletters ?

SIMPLE - To Receive Notification of New eBooks and Special Offers, CLICK HERE

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