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Our "Great Reads" page contains unique, "Hard-To-Find" books. The reason is, these books are written by authors, who are closely associated with us, great writers, hard to find authors.

These authors range from "Best Selling" to "upcoming emerging authors". The books and eBooks written by the latter will give the reader an opportunity to read new and "fresh" titles.

We at GOOD EBOOKS have a mission to assist these authors by providing "Low-Cost" book / book promotion! The low-cost ads on this page, as well as on 17 more webpages are provided to these authors by GOOD EBOOKS, and we are proud to do so !

This means that you, as a reader, have found a unique niche of good books all in one place, to view and/or purchase on Amazon through us. A win/win situation for us, for you, and most of all, for the authors ! When you buy thru us, you not only help our 1,000+ author associates, but it doesn't cost any extra to do so !

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Announcement From GOOD EBOOKS™


Dear Readers:

As a follow-up to our "Unknown Island Paradise" Series, we wanted to announce the publishing of the new book, "Mystery Island Paradise: Making the Movie".

It is scheduled to be published in the very near future.

Will Be Published Soon !


The Good Ebooks Team

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