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Greetings from The English Muffin ...

My name is Maggie Geddings - I was born and educated in England.   I emigrated to America and made my home in Florida.   I am married to Riley Geddings and we are the co-authors of several eBooks.   We are currently writing "Unknown Island Chronicles", a series of fiction ebooks.   The first ebook in the series, "Unknown Island Paradise" was published in October, 2012.   The second ebook in the series, "Unknown Island Paradise 2" was published in November, 2012; and both are available for purchase at all major online book stores.   The third ebook in the series is almost complete and should be published sometime soon.

For as far back as I can remember, I have always been a "word" person - I love books - I compose poetry - write short stories - write scripts for dramas - do crosswords - play "Scrabble" - delve into trivia, etc.   I enjoy creative writing and have always relished the challenge of creating laudable articulation.   My three favorite books are - The Bible - Webster's Dictionary - and Roget's Thesaurus.   I have a very detailed, creative mind - I am an incurable romantic - and I have a passion for life and living.

I have always considered myself to be a lady - an English lady who has a deep sense of decorum and integrity - a lady with finesse - no vulgarity in my actions or speech. As I have journeyed on this pathway we call Life, I have endeavored to stay on the straight and narrow - I use no blasphemies - I use no obscenities - I use no vulgar innuendos - and I feel very uncomfortable to be around my fellow human beings who do.

Riley's first book in this series started out as an adventure mystery, and I suggested it might need a little romance also. Riley asked me to help with the story-line and write the romantic scenarios of the book whilst he handled the adventure, the action and the mystery. So I did just that. My exploring mind discovered a multitude of ideas and my creativity produced several opportunities for me to put pen to paper and transfer those mental images into words that one could read and then envision.

The reason I am writing this dissertation is to alert our readers to my descriptions of the romantic scenes, most of which are rather graphic.   I do not want you to paint my writings with the same brush that one might paint some of the other erotic novels that are available in this day and time.   Mine are not like the majority of literary efforts one might read on line - I choose my words very carefully - no obscenity - no blasphemy - no vulgar innuendos - nor do I use any of the somewhat vulgar expressions used by certain other writers to describe various parts of the anatomy of the human being.

It is a scientific fact that a high percentage of we human beings often enter the world of fantasy in our minds during those intimate moments we share with our loved-one - our love-making sessions, if you will.   I am no different to most of the other women on Planet Earth.   The romance scenarios in these eBooks are often drawn from such erotica one might envisage whilst travelling through that Fantasy World - they add to the eroticism that is so popular today in the world of romantic literature.

An English psychotherapist conducted a large-scale survey which revealed that almost everyone has erotic fantasies at one time or another - that 85% of adult women indulged in erotic thoughts - that many people fantasize as a way to fulfill often unconscious psychological needs - that it is not only normal but also healthy - boosting libido - improving relationships - and that it can have a therapeutic effect on one's moods and confidence.

This erotic romantic literary effort of mine is one more avenue I have chosen to pursue in my creative writing endeavors.   I trust you will enjoy our eBooks.

Here's my 2 Deep-Romance eBooks co-authored with Riley:

"Unknown Island Paradise"
by Riley & Maggie Geddings
Tropical Deep Romance

"Unknown Island Paradise 2"
by Riley & Maggie Geddings
Tropical Suspence Romance

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