Unknown Island Paradise

"Unknown Island Paradise" by Maggie Geddings

This pilot book has us panting for more as we are taken from erotica to mystery. Andrew's love of the sea is only surpassed by his love for Maggie, his English soul-mate.

Alone, on a test run of his new sailboat, he is shipwrecked on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. Two years later, he reunites with Maggie and they return to the island where their carnal intimacy and adventures run the gamut.

During his first stay on the island, Andrew was accepted by the Islanders and saved them from several attacks from savage warriors. Upon returning with Maggie they were married and the Islanders elected him their King. Their wedding night was totally erotic.

Future books in this series will include the birth of their children, more adventures, and continuous love-making.

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We are currently co-writing the on-going "Unknown Island Chronicles", a series of eBooks.   This first in the series, "Unknown Island Paradise", has been published, and is available for sale world-wide at all major eBook stores.   Now, the second eBook in this series, "Unknown Island Paradise 2" is also published.   Riley concentrates on writing the adventure, action, war battles, intrigue and mystery.   Maggie's talent is creating the romance, love and deep passion, and describing the explicit erotica in a genteel manner - no vulgarity - no blasphemies - no obscenities - a welcome change in this day and age.

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Maggie Geddings
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Unknown Island Paradise
Copyright © 2012 by Riley A. Geddings


Andrew - (Narrator)

Akea - (Andrew's Hut Maid)

Asea - (Queen's Personal Maid)

Boto - (Andrew's Personal Assistant)

Cao - (Andrew's Crewman Number Two)

Dono - (Island Doctor)

Gono - (King's Personal Assistant)

Greg - (Workman at Tampa Marina)

Kuno - (Andrew's Crewman Number One)

Luabo - (Andrew's Lieutenant)

Maggie - (Andrew's True Love)

Mohabbo - (Island King)

Nakea - (Main Island Nurse)

Phydeaux - (Andrew's Pet Parrot)

Tom Jones - (Owner of Tampa Marina)

Wikea - (Assistant Island Nurse)

Winea - (Island Queen)

Chapter 01 - "Adventuring"

I am Andrew Cooper; thirty years old and still a bachelor. Looking back, even at the early age of ten, I had a love affair with the sea and everything about it. The colorful beauty of tropical islands and their surrounding waters have come to be especially dear to my heart. As a young lad in Florida I built several rather small boats and would paddle around in them. As I remember now, the first simple boat I constructed fell apart in the water because I failed to use marine-grade plywood. Only one of many mistakes I would make throughout my life!

Then much later, as a young adult I served a few years in the United States Coast Guard and it was then I was first exposed to such Islands as Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and many more islands all over the Caribbean Sea. Needless to say, I was hooked!

The fascination for adventures in tropical environments led me to pursue a career as a painting artist and story writer, but I still kept my dreams of real adventure alive, hoping perhaps if enough success were to smile upon me, then maybe I could afford to purchase a boat large enough to sail the open sea and to live aboard. A nice catamaran sailboat would certainly fit the bill for me!

As the sands of time have trickled down in my Hourglass of Life, I have been blessed with much success - success in the business world and success in the world of oil painting. Along with that success came wealth, money enough to purchase the catamaran, which would be the vehicle to carry me anywhere! Life was good and I was blissfully happy at the moment! I thought "Let's not rush into it, do your homework, Andrew!" So yes, I took my own advice. I searched, made frequent visits to dozens of marinas, seeking a craft suitable for my needs, one that was to become my home upon the seas, as it were.

I spent several months trying to locate this craft and finally, I found it at an older marina located on one of the causeways linking Tampa with the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. I pulled off the causeway and drove into the bumpy parking area, which was spotted with rain-filled potholes! I spied what looked like a catamaran sailboat in what appeared to be an old dry dock - a fenced-in area which was surrounded by tall grass. I parked my car nearby to make sure. And yes, the craft is definitely a catamaran! In addition, it appeared to be approximately the right size boat I was searching for. I could clearly see the craft was mounted on several keel-blocks of heavy wood, and seemed to have been forgotten judging by the looks of its resting place. An old slipway, similar to a modest railway track, led down to the water's edge where there was a long dock consisting of at least a dozen berths.

All of the buildings on the premises looked old and shabby; badly in need of a coat of new paint. One wooden building was a good-sized rest room, complete with showers. Another building, at the main entrance, appeared to be a combination of a marina office, a tackle shop, and a general store. The parking lot was not paved, but instead, was covered with crushed shell.

Before I ventured into the office, I strolled over the grounds to check out the premises. Actually, this little walk gave me an opportunity to get a closer look at my main interest, the catamaran, which was locked away in the old dry dock area. I was anxious to find out more about the sailboat held captive in the boatyard, so I walked back around to the office building and stepped up on to the wooden porch.

When I swung the screen-door open it made an old-time squeaky sound, and then slammed shut behind me after I entered. To my right were several rows of groceries, fishing tackle, and boating supplies, and glancing to my left, I saw an old-timey, make-shift office with a desk, a table, and a few chairs. Hanging on the walls were outdated calendars and antique-looking pictures of fish catches and old Chris-Craft boats. The man behind the counter, which was straight ahead, looked to be in his late sixties' or even early seventies, and was waiting on a customer, so I meandered around the old place to look around while I waited. It surely did take me back to when I was a young lad, in the days when my Dad and I fished together a lot. I thought "Those were the days, eh Andrew?"

Very soon he was free and said "Can I help you, young man?" "Yes sir, I sure hope so. I am looking to buy a catamaran sailboat and was wondering, are there any for sale in your marina?" "Okay, come on ova to my office and let's knock it 'round!" He reached down in his cooler, which was filled with ice, and grabbed two ice-cold Coca-Colas and limped over to his office area. I followed him as he led me to the left corner area. It was fenced in with low, wooden, bannisters, and contained a two-way swinging gate at the center, which opened in or out.

"Set ya'sef down and drink a cold Coke on me, my son and let's see if I can help you out." I said "Okay, thanks!" Then he continued "But befo we get started on any bisness, I wanna know - have you found Jesus yet?" That question took me by surprise, but I quickly answered "Well sir, now that you ask, as a matter of fact I have, back when I was ten years old in Miami! Why do you ask?" "I ask 'cause I ain't 'bout to do no bisness with non-believers and pagans! My'sef, I'm honest right up front, a genuine born-agin Christian and don't waste my time with any what ain't! So now we that we are brothers in faith, so to speak, let me see if I can help you out? Oh, by tha way, I'm Tom Jones, owner of this place, but you kin call me Cap'n Tom, evabody else does, whuts your name, young man?" "My name is Andrew Cooper, Cap'n, and I am so glad to meet you!" "Well, back atcha, Andrew, let's see whut I kin do for ya now!"

I was pleased this nice gentleman was so honest and I surely don't want to doubt him! So I answered "Well, to be honest, Cap'n Tom, I'm not rich but I do have a few bucks stashed away to buy a sailboat, specifically a catamaran. I was hoping to find one I could afford, perhaps an older craft, maybe even one I could fix up to my liking. I would like to pay cash-on-the-drum for it - so I thought I'd stop in here to see if you had one for sale?"

"Humm, I kinda like your style, Andrew, I like yo attitude and I sho wisht I could help you, but I only sell brand-spanking new'uns rat now!" Then I muttered "Well, since we are going to be honest with each other, the main reason I stopped in is because I spotted the catamaran over there inside your chain-linked boatyard, the one mounted on keel blocks, so I wanted to ask you about her." "Oh that boat - I plum furgot 'bout her! You're right, Andrew, but there is a tale to be told 'bout her! Yes sir'ree, I do own that there boat, it's been a'settin ova there for nigh on two years, but I ain't had any time to mess with it."

I could sense a flush of excitement pouring over me now after hearing this news! A catamaran is here, it is owned by this nice, honest gentleman, and could certainly be the one for me, if only we can strike up a reasonable deal and if the boat is repairable. He sensed my excitement - I couldn't hide it! He gave me a friendly grin and said to me "Well son, maybe I can help you out enyway - uh huh. Let me git Greg ova here to run tha show while we mosie ova and take a look-see togetha."

He didn't give me a chance to answer him and there was no reason to because I was chomping at the bit to see if this cat was feasible for me. He reached down into a torn pocket in his faded old jeans, pulled out his cell phone, pressed a key and said "Hey Greg, ya busy? No, let's wait on that 'un awile, come on ova and run tha store, me and this fine lad has to go look at sump'm!"

When Greg arrived, the Cap'n introduced us and said "Okay now, let me grab my keys and my stick, which is my third leg, and lets' git goin." I found myself following this apparently wise captain, again. The entire venture of what has happened to me today seems too good to be true, too easy - it's as if I were drawn here by a magnet!

We arrived at the fenced-in boat yard, Cap'n Tom unlocked the padlock on the old gate, which issued a terrible squeak as he swung it in over the grass, and we entered single file, with me following him again. The Cap'n said "We ain't been usin this ole boat yard lately; I'm gonna git Greg to have this tall grass cut and clean it up a tad befo it plum covers the boat!"

As we approached his catamaran, I felt as a kid in a toy store and the feeling felt wonderful! Tom spoke again "Hey, look at this, the ole cat is in real good shape, even afta sittin here 'bout two years. That there fiberglass will be good as new afta a bit 'o elbow grease and it'll shine up real good." He leaned his walking stick against the hull and scrambled up the ladder as a twenty year old would, and I was right behind him. We walked the deck from bow to stern and I could tell he was making mental notes at each pause along the way. "Ya'll hafta git new sails and riggin - ain't no broke glass, tho - that's good. I'll git Greg to check out them engines and eva one of them runnin lights. Okay now, let's go below, matey!"

The bridge, or wheelhouse, had a water-tight door on both the port and starboard sides and we entered through the port door. I was impressed with the vast array of electronic devices. This craft seems to be equipped with every device I thought I would have to buy. "Don't you worry ova none of these gadgets, Greg can check 'em out - he can fix jest 'bout anything what ain't broke, I guarantee! C'mon, Andrew my boy, let's go on through into tha lounge, and see if this cat would suit ya as a place to live!"

I passed through the opening, which led from the bridge into the lounge, casting my eyes here, there, and everywhere, touching fabric and trying to take it all in. On the starboard side of the lounge was a built-in dining area and behind it I could see the galley, which was still equipped with pots, pans, and dishes. It looked as if the owner had left only yesterday and not two years ago. Next to the galley was one of the entrances to "the head" (bathroom). Continuing aft, I entered the main sleeping quarters, and, because a catamaran is wide, it appeared huge! It was exactly what I wanted and I had quick flashes in my mind of what I could do to fine-tune it!

Meanwhile Cap'n Tom stayed out of my way, to let me peruse the boat. Then he said "Well, Andrew, whut'cha think, eh?" "What do I think Cap'n? - I believe your catamaran is exactly what I had in mind and it seems to be in better shape than I thought it would be - can we go back to your office and talk about it?" "Shore we can, son, folla me. No, wait, you lead and I'll folla you fer a change, heh heh." This was a nice touch!

Back to the store and into the office we walked. As we were getting settled I thought of the extra gear I wouldn't have to purchase, because it is already installed in the craft in its entirety. This boat has turned out to be exactly what I want and need! Cap'n Tom yelled "Hey, Greg, git me tha file on the cat in the boatyard will ya? Oh, and bring us two nice cold Cokes too! Cap'n and Andrew will be discussing serious biz!"

As Tom was opening the file folder, he glanced up at me and gave me a grin. I watched his face and I could see the weathered lines stretching from his eyes and mouth - signs of a rough sea life in the sun and waves - a true and honest salty old sea dog!

Tom began with "Okay, son, here's tha full story on ya boat but I'll keep it short. At first, the guy whut owned it seemed to me to be a right good and honest person. He berthed tha cat here and paid me whut was comin every single month, never wuz late, and no problems a'tall. Then, I don't know whut hap'ned. Ole Satan musta come into his life cause I found out later he got his'sef hooked on devil weed, then he moved up to tha white powder. Bottom line, he couldn't pay me for his mooring or even the debt on his cat neither. I tried to help him out as long as I could but time ran out fer him."

"Fine'ly, one day he comes up to me lookin purty doggoned perplexed and asked me if I could take tha boat off his hands. He told me if I could, it would save his credik rating. He said he had decided to check into a place whut could dry him out and git his life straight agin. Well sir'ee, they wuz no way I could refuse him cause it wuz my chance to hep a fella brutha like tha good book sez to do! Long story short, I added up whut he owed to me for tha boat rent, and tha balance whut wuz due on his boat debt, plus a coupla thousand to run his-sef on til he was outa Satan's grip. But don't worry, Andrew, the two grand is on me, I ain't gonna include it in our deal!"

I listened intensely to his story without interruption, and then he slid me the slip of paper containing the numbers he had discussed. As I glanced over his figures, I realized the total price of this catamaran was actually only one fifth of the amount I thought I would pay for this quality boat! Tom watched my reaction and knew full well I was more than pleased!

"What do you think 'bout them there apples, Andrew?" He asked, and I quickly replied "Oh Captain My Captain - er - I mean Oh Cap'n My Cap'n - I am convinced we have a deal, and what a deal t is! If you want, I could pay you this amount right now - do you want cash or a check!" "Whateva suits yer fancy, Andrew. A check'll do fine - this will make tha cat yours, and rat now, too! Like I said, I'll git Greg to check out them engines, lights, 'lectronics, and all tha rest of tha stuff on your boat and he'll fix eva thang whut's broke. I'll even give ya a key to tha yard and you kin come and go as you please. Take your time, fix 'er up good and purty, and when ya git done, Greg'll slip 'er on tha rail and slide 'er down to tha water. I'd be much obliged, though, if ya would berth tha cat here with me, I won't charge much." "Tom, I wouldn't want my craft to be anywhere else and I am so happy I met you and I appreciate the great deal you've made me!" "Well, thank ya, Andrew, for some reason I took a likin to ya from tha start and glad I'll be seein more of ya!"

So this will finally be the start of my sailing ventures. I wrote Cap'n Tom a check for the agreed amount. When he handed me the receipt and title for the craft, I gave him a couple of grand cash as a gesture of my appreciation and asked him to share it with Greg.

For the next month, I cleaned the cat, and Greg worked with the engines and electronic instruments. After everything checked out to his satisfaction, Greg managed to rail it down into the water of Tampa Bay and he stayed on board with me to make a trial run or two out into the Bay. He double-checked all of the electronic instruments and made sure the engines were performing as they should. Then he exclaimed "She's a beauty, man, like brand new!" We pulled back into my berth and secured the mooring lines. I thanked him and he gave me a hearty wave, whistling as he walked back down the dock.

Well, this is really "it" - no turning back now! Now I have the means to fulfill my dreams, venture out to island destinations, and to sow my seeds of wild adventure!

After another month, I had completed revamping my "captain's quarters", and turned it into a combination of office, art studio, and sleeping area. I was ready now to voyage to the Islands, ready to be my own captain, and ready to release some of this adventure, which was stored up inside me!

Now that I have my "dream boat" in tip-top shape, she is ready to go, ready for the love of my life to see her, and take a mini voyage with me. Who is this love of my life? Well, let me tell you about her! About a year ago, I met my dream lady, Maggie, quite by chance, when I happened to be on business in the same building where she worked. By the time I had finished my business, it was lunch time, so I decided to have a quick bite in the snack bar. Well, as luck would have it, the place was packed, and at a glance, I could see all the tables were occupied.

"This won't do!" I thought, and scanned over the area to find a likely seat. Then I saw her, and - thunderbolt - I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. She was seated all alone at one of the tables. Not only was she beautiful, but she had the most gorgeous red curly hair imaginable! So of course, I wandered over to her table and asked her if it would be alright for me to share her table. She invited me to have a seat, and after chatting for a while, we established we were both single, compatible, and Christians. We liked each other right away, and I asked her for a date for the following day! I suggested a picnic on the beach, Saint Pete Beach, where I lived!

At first, she was a bit reluctant, but finally agreed with one condition, that I let her prepare the picnic basket! She was from England, and those folks love their picnics! She told me that several years ago, her co-workers had given her to nickname of "The English Muffin" and that name had stuck with her ever since. Anyway, a picnic is my one weakness, so she fixed a picnic basket for us, and met me that afternoon at the beach near my apartment. The picnic turned out to be the magic touch, our relationship was cemented, and from then on, we were like peas and carrots, together as often as we could be!

I invited Maggie aboard to check out my new home on the water, and after a thorough inspection, she said "Oh, Andrew, my darling, what a wonderful job you have done on your boat! Listen, this isn't merely a catamaran, it's a yacht!"

During this past year we have become more than close, but not quite engaged. Our love for each other is very strong, and nothing will ever come between Maggie and me. But, I wanted about a year to sail around, and to explore the islands by myself before I settle down. Maggie was fully aware of my goals and encouraged me to fulfill them!

Occasionally, I would take Maggie out in my new toy, and sometimes we would even picnic on a small, secluded island, if it's the "right time of the month" for Maggie. One Saturday, we were in the Gulf of Mexico and I saw an atoll, a small island, off the starboard bow. I anchored the boat and we went ashore in our small dinghy. Under the shade of a grouping of palm trees, we sat on our blanket and opened up the picnic basket. "Did you bring any wine?" I asked. "Of course, my Darling, two bottles!!" She handed over a bottle of Shiraz - our favorite red wine, and I uncorked it and poured two glasses while Maggie was retrieving the food. "I'm not too hungry," I said as I sipped on that delicious wine. "Well, let's just nibble on some cheese and crackers and have a glass of Shiraz." So we did just that. We finished off one bottle and then decided to go for a swim. Laughing like a couple of teenagers, we stripped off all of our clothes and ran naked into those warm Gulf waters.

Like the teenagers we were at heart, we often play a little game on days such as this. We stood facing each other, chest high, in those clear blue waters and it seemed like her breasts were floating up there on top of the water like two large inflated pink balloons. The knots tied in the ends of the balloons are her nipples which had hardened when she had entered the water. Maggie raised her hands high above her head and jumped up and down in front of me, causing the balloons to float up and down in the process. I knew, and she knew that I knew, that she wanted me to take charge - so I did just that!! I reached over and took charge of those two plump floating balloons - holding onto the knots at each end - and supported the balloons in my hands as she continued to jump up and down. It is a totally erotic experience for both of us - we've done it many times - it turns us on!

After several minutes of this foreplay, we grasped each other in a strong embrace and rubbed our bodies against each other in that warm, water. Wet flesh slides easily over wet flesh and we rub - and we rub - and we rub. Realizing that we were now both ready, Maggie escaped my grasps and ran back up the beach to lie down on the blanket. Her eyes are burning into mine as I rise up out of the waters - my wet skin glistening in the sunlight - my long penis hard and erect. As I approach, I stand in front of her - a burning passion in my eyes - my hands on my hips - the muscles in my chest and abdomen outlined in rigid manliness - and my big, hard penis sticking straight out and up. I pose so that she can observe every inch of what I am offering to her - I flex my muscles - causing my rigid penis to thrust itself up and out - I squeeze and squeeze my muscles so that the magnificent tool with I have been endowed, continues to rise and soar towards my lover. I clasp my hands behind my head and perform my own erotic version of the pelvic thrust.

"Come, my darling - have me - take me," she whispered "I'm all yours, Big Boy!" I stride over to the woman I love - she stretches her arms above her head as she thrusts out those two big pink balloons - and she spreads open her legs, showing me the red rug in front of her open doorway. As I kneel before her - I lean over and place my hands on the blanket, each side of her - and I very gently thrust my rigid penis over the red rug, into the open doorway and down inside - deep inside - her warm vagina, made slick by the juices she has just secreted. We both start our thrusting movements - in unison - in and out - and up and down. Her legs are wrapped around my torso - feet clasped together behind my back - ensuring a tight, deep fit for my tight, hard penis. It is trapped inside - it cannot escape until those feet and legs decide to relax. As we reveled in the joys of copulation, she let forth a long grunting sound - her signal to me that she was about to have her climax. I released my hot sperm and it gushed up into her in spurt after spurt, and she received it with spasms of her internal muscles contracting as they massaged my rod of reproduction. I sank down upon her in one final, deep thrust as we grunted in unison "Yes - oh Yes - oh Yeessss!" We always cum together - we have practiced it to the point that we have it down to a fine art - each knows what the other needs - and we each supply those needs - every time.

We consumed the second bottle of Shiraz - and then went home. My Maggie is a one-of-a-kind bundle of pure love - my adorable English Rose - who could never be replaced by anyone else - and nor will she ever be!! Yes, she is the love of my life - as I am hers. She is my queen - I am her king. Our relationship is like a royal crown - many facets on many gems - each gem representing a different enjoyment we find in each other. The large diamond in the middle is my Maggie - she is the "Jewel in My Crown".

Chapter 02 - "Wrecked"

The starting point for my "dream come true" island-sailing adventures has to be Cap'n Tom's Marina. He and I had become instant friends the moment we met and it was the Cap'n, who sold me my sailing craft - a beautiful catamaran sailboat, which I named "Muffin". I have made this marina my official home port and it is from here I shall cast off many times to gain more sailing experience and strengthen my sea legs by sailing north and south along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Each practice voyage I made is progressively farther away in order for me to judge how much fuel, water, food, and other supplies it should take for each distance.

When I acquired this wonderful craft from Cap'n Tom, I was reluctant to admit to him I was green at sailing. I suppose I didn't want him to worry about me and knowing he was an old "salt" at sailing, I didn't want to admit I wasn't! So now, by trial and error, by bad decisions and mistakes, I am a self-taught sailor, the same as I became a self-taught artist.

Over these past few months, I have built the confidence to fledge from the safety of this nest of southwest Florida and to venture on to more distant Islands! Finally I found myself actually sailing now to the lower Florida Keys, the Bahama Islands, Puerto Rico, and other Islands in the Caribbean and the Atlantic. These locations have placed me out of range of my home port and have necessitated my finding other marinas to rest and replenish my sailing needs. While I was serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, I sailed most of those same waters and spent many weeks in the Bahama Islands, Puerto Rico, and other areas of "The Bermuda Triangle!", and believe me; many strange instances occurred to us and to our equipment while we were in The Triangle!

I envisioned my sailing this area for many months to come, or at least until the tropical hurricanes return. My craft is "ocean friendly", but a hurricane could probably destroy it! I religiously check the weather-forecast channels before I sail anywhere! Today, tropical breezes are powering my great craft, and with me at the helm, I am fulfilling one of my life-long dreams to be the captain of my very own vessel. However I decided that perhaps I had sailed The Bermuda Triangle long enough for today. The darkening sky is warning me that it logical for me to get the heck out of Dodge and return to my home port in Tampa before I get caught by one of those storms, which are rolling in off the west coast of Africa.

As I did in my Coast Guard days, I religiously maintained a daily log of events, my location, and weather. So today when I logged my decision to head my craft homeward, and entered my current location, which was roughly half way between Bahama Basin to the northwest and Garcia Knoll to the southeast, or due east of Daytona Beach, Florida, and exactly 28° 42' 54" N by 73° 22' 51" W.

Having adjusted my sails, I have set an initial course of WSW in order to approach the east coast of Florida in the vicinity of Vero Beach which will take me a bit north of Great Abaca Island and the Little Bahama Bank in the northern area of the Bahama Islands. After sailing along as if I had the tiger by the tail for over two hours, the wind, even though blowing in my favor, had increased its speed a few knots. I set my course, locked in the auto pilot, and obtained a weather report. It was not good! Right out of the blue, a low-pressure system has formed, and high winds and thunderstorms are crossing my projected course!

The wind has picked up, it is blowing between thirty and forty knots, but even so, my best choice is to ride out this little squall because I know my craft can take it and it is moving me across the water much faster! "The Bermuda Triangle" I exclaimed to myself, "I am in The Bermuda Triangle!" A wave of apprehension suddenly swept over me. "Don't panic, mate, stay calm and cool as always!"

Okay, let's take advantage of these stiff breezes; let's use this wind to put the craft into turbo drive! After all, I am, making good time now and I know these tropical squalls usually go away as quickly as they arrive. I felt confident again; confident, that is, until I took another reading on my current location! This reading could not be possible! In fact, my other gauges were way off as well! No wonder some call this area "The Devil's Triangle!" This mess I find myself in now surely has humbled me; I guess I am not the sailor I thought I was! If I can get make it through this one, then maybe I will graduate to "sailor extraordinaire!"

My craft is in the northern quadrant of a depression, so the wind is behind me, pushing my boat forward. The large waves are also approaching from the stern and the catamaran acts as if it were a surfboard. Care must be taken now, so as not to get the boat caught sideways in the trough of a colossal wave, which could cause the boat to roll over! At this moment, I have no idea of my location; all of my electronic gauges are still going haywire. My only hope is to ride out this nightmare of a storm, which so far has lasted practically the entire night, and I am exhausted, very exhausted!

According to my navigational charts and long-range radar, there is no land anywhere near this area; nowhere to take refuge from this turbulent demon of a storm! I can sense the wind abating somewhat now, and my craft is riding the largest wave it has encountered thus far. The boat is not at 90 degrees to the waves, but at a 45-degree angle, causing the boat to swing back and forth and up and down, similar to a roller coaster! There is nothing I can do at this moment except to pray because I have completely lost control of my craft.

All of a sudden, I felt a tremendous lurch to one side and I was flung from my captain's chair and through the opening into the lounge. I was sliding across the lounge deck at a terrific rate of speed, and was stopped instantly with a thud. I was slammed into a piece of furniture and my leg was trapped up against it. I couldn't help but scream with pain and I knew my lower leg near the ankle was broken, and I had also received a long, large gash in my leg. The pain overpowered me and I simply passed out.

Eventually I woke up, but had no idea how long I had been out, a few hours, a day or so, or several days? It must have been much longer than I thought, because I could sense there was no storm now. I was surrounded by silence and with hardly any wind. The craft is much more steady now, gliding across the waves, similar to a huge surfboard. The waves are not nearly as high as they were, so I took this opportunity to attempt to crawl to the locker where my first-aid kit is stored. As I struggled across the lounge deck I stopped by the galley to grab a mop to use as a make-shift crutch. The crutch was a great idea, and I tucked the soft end under my arm and I continued painfully towards the locker. My first priority was to gulp down at least six tablets of pain killers. The pain caused by my broken leg was getting to be more than I could endure but I managed to carry the kit to the built-in dining booth.

I sat sideways locking my body between the table and the back of the booth. I was successful in sterilizing the wide cut with hydrogen peroxide and wrapped my lower leg and ankle with gauze and a stretch bandage. This self-doctoring helped me tremendously! The softness of the booth cushions was kind to my injuries, the pain medicine was kicking in nicely, and I fell into a deep sleep!

Evidently I was out for a long time, how long, I had no idea. I was suddenly awakened when I felt and heard the boat crash and scrape as if we had bashed into something big, and it actually slammed me to the deck with a thud! This was followed by more sounds of scraping, bashing, and tearing, but ended abruptly with a large crash! My boat had stopped, I felt no more movement, and even the wind was losing its force!

I must force myself to get up and see what the craft hit and where I am! "Arggggghh, the pain" I exclaimed as I struggled to scramble back towards the bridge to survey my situation. The catamaran has crashed and beached, sliding a good way up on the flat, wet sand, and I could see the rocks that we hit on the way! The wind has abated and the waves are only large, shallow breakers.

I crawled to the port-side door of the wheelhouse, opened it, laid my aching body down on the outside deck to see what I was faced with and to rest, but the pain was becoming unbearable again. Behind me on the eastern horizon, I witnessed a beautiful sunrise, one which is rarely seen!

The storm's black clouds are now way in the distance traveling across this mysterious land, which has claimed my boat and me. I felt so helpless, so alone; I wanted to be back in the comforting arms of Maggie!

Chapter 03 - "Rescue"

Apparently I had drifted off again into a deep sleep, one of many it seems, but I know not exactly how many. Suddenly I was awakened by softly-chatting voices. I painfully rose up to see where the voices were coming from, and when I looked out across the wide, rain-drenched beach, I could see two large men carrying long walking sticks. They seemed afraid and reluctant to approach, keeping their distance from the boat, talking and pointing at me. Their appearance was that of some native men, with a golden-tan skin and soft, silken, black hair. One had long, flowing hair, with several colorful tattoos on his torso; whereas the other's hair was rather short, he wore a vine around his forehead, and had only one small tattoo on his arm. Both were barefoot and naked except for short, colorful sarongs. I thought, "Well, this is it - they are going to kill me and possibly eat me as well, and I am in no position to do anything about it!"

Had I known I would find myself in this predicament, I would have armed myself with my revolver! The way I felt at the moment, however, it was just as well if they were to kill me! I was shivering, cold sweat was running down my face, and I was still in excruciating pain. The shivering was probably caused from fear, or more than likely from a fever induced by my infected leg wound. It was at this time I needed someone, a mother figure to hold me to her breast and assure me with a "There, there, everything's going to be alright!" But better still I would rather be with my loving Maggie! How had I gotten myself into this terrible mess anyway? Granted, it was the tropical storm, which put me here, however, I had made a wrong decision to undertake such a wide and long sea-journey. So this could be the day I will meet my maker face to face!

The two men walked slowly and cautiously towards my craft, and when they finally saw me, they smiled as they pointed at me. Then the strangest thing happened, both men raised their arms high into the air, clasped their hands together with fingers intertwined and slowly brought their arms down and gave me a slow, courteous bow as well. "Oh, thank you, God, maybe they are friendly after all!" I raised my free arm high into the air as I waved and motioned for them to come and hopefully help me. I struggled to reach my "Jacob's Ladder", which was behind me, and more of a struggle to untie the lines, which bound it. I barely mustered the strength to free the ladder and secure it to the top cleats on the deck, and then I dropped it down over the side and continued to wave them aboard. I forced a smile to appear on my face in order to assure these two men I was friend, and not foe!

They climbed cautiously up the "Jacob's Ladder" and saw the predicament I was in, and handled me with the utmost care. One lowered himself a few rungs down the ladder, pausing to wait on the other, who had a tender grip under both my arms. He then managed to lower me down to his partner, who held me until the first man reached him. Together, with their strong hands and arms, they succeeded in getting me down to the sandy beach. I was amazed at what followed; they folded their arms to make a "Fireman's Lift" style chair for me and I took a seat on this human chair, wrapping my weak and shaking arms around both of their necks. They began to walk slowly and carefully with their new, strange cargo, and, after what seemed to be a long distance in my feverish state, I was transported to a beautiful little village with various-size huts here and there. Several of the villagers gathered around, staring at me curiously, wondering who, or indeed what I might be! The two men didn't stop but briefly spoke to them, probably telling them they found me in a wrecked boat and motioned with their heads for them to get out of the way! Even though I was weak and trembling, a feeling of relief came over me, I had been rescued out of the depths of despair and most likely, even death itself!

We arrived at a fairly large hut, which had a roof made of fronds, straw, and bamboo, and there were two young girls standing at the entrance. The two young girls were dressed similar to my two couriers - barefoot, topless, and wearing only sarongs. They beckoned the two men to carry me into the hut and the girls came in quickly behind us, issuing orders to the two men and pointing at a gurney-type bed approximately waist high. The men carefully laid me on the bed and then scurried out. One of the girls looked slightly older than the other and appeared to be in charge because she was jabbering instructions to the young girl.

They wasted no time in tending to me. One gestured for me to drink from a cup, which was made from a coconut shell. It was obvious to me now these people are sincerely caring for me, and my mind told me to fully cooperate with them. As they poured some liquid into my bleeding cut I simply passed out from the pain. When I regained consciousness, my pain had disappeared and I realized my injured leg and ankle were securely bound in soft white cloth and it seemed I was in some kind of cast. My fear were gone, and with a feeling of contentment and security, I drifted off into a deep, peaceful sleep.

I slept soundly the whole night through and was awakened by one of the young girls holding a coconut shell and motioning to me to drink. I slept on and off most of the next day, waking only for several cups of that strange-tasting drink. That night was a repeat of the earlier one; I slept through it as well! As I awoke this morning, it was bright and sunny, and the birds were chirping and singing, filling the morning air with happy sounds! My faithful nurses were standing by my side, smiling as usual, especially the older one. They checked on my injuries, felt my brow for a possible fever, and welcomed me with my first drink of the day.

I heard footsteps approaching the hut, and I recognized the two men - they were the same two men who brought me here from the wreck site. They stood each side of the doorway as my next visitor entered. In came a tall, older-looking man - his head elaborately adorned with beautiful bird feathers - jewelry around his neck - and carrying a beautifully-colored walking stick. Right behind him entered another man, husky in stature, and carrying a long spear! I realized my visitors were the Leader of the village and his bodyguard. The Leader smiled - stepped back two paces - clasped his hands together with fingers intertwined - and bowed to me as the two men who rescued me had done! I nodded my head and gave him a sincere smile - "Thank You" I said, "Thank you for rescuing me." The Leader seemed puzzled and said "Kakahiaka - Aloha - 'Aina" (Months later I learned that those three words meant - Good morning welcome - land) Of course, I could not understand what he said but since everyone was smiling, I had to believe that it was all good.

Everyone in the hut grinned and then there was happy laughter. The Leader approached me, and placed his hand on my head and patted it gently a few times as he motioned for the nurse to pull the blanket away from my legs to expose my injuries. He examined them thoroughly without actually touching me and looking back into my eyes, he said something to the nurse in his native tongue.

In an effort to be more casual and to break the ice, so to speak, I tapped my chest with my right hand and said "Andrew." The Leader tapped his chest with his right hand and said "Mohabbo." I gave him a grin and held my hand out as if to shake his. He seemed a bit puzzled, but even so, he slowly placed his hand in mine, at which time I gave it a little shake, and let it go. Everyone laughed. Obviously, they didn't know what it meant to shake hands here. Mohabbo reached over to his man, who obviously was his bodyguard, tapped his chest and said "Gono." Would you believe Gono reached out and shook my hand? The older nurse smiled at me, placed her hand on her bare bosom and said "Nakea." Then the other nurse placed her hand on her bare bosom as well and said "Wikea." They laughed as they shook my hands joyfully! An additional wave of happiness wafted over me and I had a strange thought "Maybe I was indeed killed in the storm and perhaps this was my Heaven!" The Leader and his men gave me the official hand-clasp and the bow, and then politely left.

A week has now passed since I was first brought to this "special-care unit" where I am receiving the ultimate of expert attention and recovery care. My two dedicated nurses do everything for me and served me delicious food and drink. Nakea even bathes me; she thinks nothing of removing my clothes to give me a sponge bath all over! She always cuts her eyes in my direction and gives me a big smile when she is washing between my legs! It's as if she really enjoys handling my penis and testicles, and this often causes me to have a semi erection! But I have to ask myself, is she just doing her job as a nurse, or is she taking advantage of the opportunity to make a pass at me?

As each day passes, I am cared for thoroughly; my wound bandages are changed and my ankle cast is re-wrapped. Each day, Gono drops by to check on me and takes a progress report back to Mohabbo. Each time Gono visits me he gives me the official bow salute and handshake. Then he presses his hand to his chest, and says "Gono" followed by a grin and a hearty laugh.

My nurses have implied, by gestures, it may be time now for me to attempt a short, careful walk to see how I am progressing. My strength is returning and my pain has vanished completely. I am truly convinced those three cups of tea brew must contain special medicinal herbs, somewhat of a "power drink" similar to ours back home in America.

As my leg and ankle improved, I was able to hobble outside and sit in the shade of gently swaying coconut palm trees. I could see several nearby huts towards the west, and looking east, towards the beach, I see the beautiful thalo blues and thalo greens of the sea. As regular as clockwork I was given three cups of that special drink each and every day. There must a reason for this. As I pondered these thoughts, Nakea arrived with a cup of that special drink, and as she handed it to me I noticed her pause and then she rubbed her breast up against my forearm. She then went to sit in the chair directly opposite to mine. I tried to converse by gesturing and drawing in the sand at our feet, to talk about where we were. I pointed to her, then around her, and then to the ground. Next I pointed to myself, then up in the air with a curving motion as if to indicate I was from a land far away, not here." She nodded but I wasn't sure if my gestures made any sense to her, so I picked up a stick and drew an island in the sand. Nakea then did something rather strange that made me feel very uncomfortable.

She scooted to the front edge of her chair, pulled back her sarong to the top of her thighs and smiled at me. Taking the stick out of my hand, she bent over to draw in the sand - but she wasn't looking down at the sand, she was looking up my sarong. She then leaned back in her chair - thrust her legs apart - and pulled her sarong up to her belly - exposing the black hair covering her vagina. I was totally shocked as I realized what she was trying to tell me. I drew back as her gazing eyes looked erotically into mine. Her trance-like gaze was quickly broken when she noticed Wikea coming out to join us. Nakea immediately pulled down her sarong and her face resumed an air of innocence. Was Nakea showing me her nether regions in a deliberate attempt to lure me into a sexual encounter?

The following morning, brought bright sunlight shining through my new room's open window, and the fresh, cool air wafting over me was refreshing. It smelled fresh and invigorating, so good in fact I took in a few deep breaths. The birds were singing their happy songs as they do each morning, but I could hear other sounds in the distance occasionally as well. It sounded as if a gathering of people were singing, with a few drum beats, and all sorts of commotions were going on.

Shortly after I was awakened by this activity, Nakea and Wikea entered my room to check on me, and handed me the infamous cup of tea-brew to drink. They didn't offer to assist me in getting up, but pointed over to a table, which had been set up for me. It contained a clay wash-basin, several cups of fresh water and fruit juice, along with two soft drying cloths. My new living area was more than adequate now. My nurses paused and watched me as I slowly climbed out of bed. My crutches certainly made it easier for me to get from the bed over to the little table. They both nodded and with a smile, then left me in private.

After I cleaned up a bit, I hobbled outside and found Nakea sitting under the palms in the shade, so I joined her. With my eye brows raised and my arms held up, I pointed to the hustling of the people, as if to ask her what was going on. She grinned at me, her head moved from side to side in a negative gesture, and then she put her finger over her lips as if to say "Sssshhhh, it's a secret surprise!" Something was in the air but I didn't question it. Another difference I noticed about this morning was the absence of my clean, laundered, tattered old clothes, which she normally hands to me every morning without fail.

Then, out of the blue, Wikea came out to join us and she had a voluminous grin on her face as she laid a beautifully-wrapped bundle on my lap. Excitedly, they beckoned for me to unwrap what was obviously a gift from them. The wrapping was a combination of new banana leaves tied neatly with vines, which were covered with exotic, fresh flowers. Of course I opened the bundle carefully and to my amazement, I saw not one, but three new, colorful sets of garments, which had been specially made to fit me! The cloth was similar to the sarongs, which virtually everyone on the Island wore, except my new outfit was fashioned into an ensemble of short pants and beautiful shirts! I imagine the reason for three sets is for backup while the others are in the laundry. The weavers used a set of my old clothes as a pattern for the new "ensembles"! They were stunning, and seemed to be cool to wear in this warm climate. In addition, I saw in disbelief, a new pair of shoes made from goatskin! I was taken aback by their thoughtfulness and gave them both a tremendous hug! I was anxious to don my new outfits and wasted no time in doing so! My new clothes and shoes fit me to a "t" and I was pleased by their thoughtfulness and compassion.

Other than the happy surprise gift and the obvious activities of the Islanders, the morning routine was relatively normal. However, when Nakea checked on my injuries this time, she didn't replace the bandage on the cut! She conveyed to me it was pretty well healed and wanted the cut to finish healing in the open air. We spent most of the morning sitting outside in our "conservation pit", on soft chairs in the shade of the palm trees. Nakea has taken it upon herself to learn as much English as she can in a short period of time, and was getting proficient speaking it! She told me she looks forward to this time we are together, when we can get to know each other better, when we can share our feelings! I still couldn't determine if she was only doing her job as my head nurse, or if she had a desire to become more intimate with me! It was difficult for me to separate these notions because most of the Islanders here, male and female, display a feeling of innocent love towards one another! Aside from that dilemma, this was one of the best parts of the day, a chance to bask in the sheer beauty of this Island and its surrounding aqua sea, sending its gentle waves up on the sandy beaches.

Very soon Wikea joined us and handed us a cup. She held her cup as if to say "Cheers." And we three drank the "magic potion". Now as I look inland, towards Mohabbo's hut, I can make out a multitude of people still scurrying about, I can hear the faint sounds of intermittent singing and drum beats again as I did earlier. Yes, a surprise must be in store and my curiosity was growing intense, but Nakea and Wikea didn't give in, they merely sat there looking at my face, both smiling.

It was close to noon when Mohabbo's body guard, or whatever he might be, came running down to where we were sitting. He gave us the salute and with a bow, began talking to the girls in the language of no name. Both my nurses stood up and Nakea held her hand out to me and beckoned me to follow.

Gono led the three of us up one of the well-trodden paths towards Mohabbo's hut. This was a bit strange and as I stumbled along on my cast, I glanced back at Nakea, who had changed from smiling to grinning! Then I thought, "Well, this has to be the best-kept secret I've ever seen!" Even as we were near, I could no longer hear the singing or the drums as before, in fact, there was complete silence now!

Next, appearing before my eyes was a huge, open area, which appeared to be approximately a hundred feet long. There were rows of tables set with hundreds of vessels and flat bamboo trays covered with Island food, more than one could imagine. There were clay casks of fruit juices of many sorts. Nearby I could see cooking pits still smoldering from the fires, which obviously cooked the meats, and there seemed to be eighty to a hundred women and men standing at those elaborate, food-laden tables.

Mohabbo and a woman - probably his wife -were standing in front of two beautiful throne-like seats facing the entire population. When we arrived, Gono sat behind Mohabbo, and Nakea and Wikea sat next to the woman. There was only one empty seat left, the one right next to Mohabbo, and as he motioned for me, he introduced me to the woman - Winea - who indeed was his wife. It appears they are King and Queen of the Island.

All eyes were fixed upon me as Mohabbo raised his walking stick in the air. He paused until the people became quiet. Next, he displayed the salute by wrapping his fingers together and everyone copied him. He brought his arms down slowly in front of him and everyone else did likewise. He peered into my eyes and politely bowed, as did everyone else, then he then presented me with a cup. Mohabbo and everyone else present held their cups up high and shouted in unison, "AHNDRUU!" and each pair of hands was clapping loud and vigorously.

The Chief spoke to the multitude in their language "My fellow Islanders, I have arranged this feast to welcome our newcomer, Ahndruu, and to show him that we are a friendly nation and our deeds show it! He has been through enough of an ordeal, his canoe was wrecked by the great storm and he was seriously injured! Our medical team has done a fine job in healing his wounds, which was a good start for us to show him we are compassionate. Let us all show him that he is welcome to stay with us as long as he desires."

All the villagers chanted "Ahndruu!" repeatedly! The King motioned for everyone to sit, he pointed to a special group, who began to sing the most beautiful songs I had ever heard. The rhythm of the music kept pace with the beat of the drums and the celebration feast was well underway! This was Mohabbo's huge secret surprise. The entire village was paying tribute to my safe rescue and recovery! I was overwhelmed by this expression of pure friendship and welcome! I sat next to my new friend, The King, who smiled and patted me on the back. I must be special to him and to the villagers as well.

End Chapter 03 . . . . .

. . . . . A Tad of Chapter 06 - "Turmoil in Paradise"

It has been over two weeks now since Nakea removed the cast from my ankle. It felt good to walk normally again with no hobble and without leaving a hole instead of a footprint in the sand.

My awakening wasn't filled with the chirping of little birds, but instead, I could hear loud sounds of screaming, hammering, and people running around yelling. I thought "What is going on?" Then I saw my answer when I looked out of the open window above my bed. It appeared as if all the Islanders were out in full force fighting a small group of strange-looking men! The villagers were trying in vain to do combat with these intruders. The village men were at the battle front, the women were right behind the men, screaming at the enemy, and even children were trying to support their parents by running around in a heated frenzy!

Even though there were several hundred people on this Island, they were far outmatched by this ferocious army of intruding warriors! I sprinted out of the hut, running as fast as I could towards the action. Mohabbo was in the midst, shouting loud orders to village men and poking his walking stick into the air in anger! Gono, of course, was right by his side, trying to protect his King and was also jabbing his long stick skywards. Even though outnumbered hundreds to one, these warrior intruders seem to have the upper hand! They were well equipped with weapons, and they were causing serious injuries to the men of our Island!

My now healthy legs carried me swiftly near the heat of the battle. Pushing children and women aside, I made it to where The King and Gono were fighting and I grabbed Gono by the arm, pulling him with me as I started towards The King's back-yard stables. Gono waited briefly for an order from Mohabbo, but decided to run with me anyway. I pointed for us to hitch up the goat-cart and he did so as fast as possible, even though he didn't know the reason why. I motioned for Gono to open the gate to the stable yard. He had barely got it open, when I was slapping the reins of the goats, yelling "Go, go", and the little team carried me through the gate in a heartbeat! Gono quickly shut the gate and headed back to the battle.

Speeding past the villagers, I steered my little goat team east, towards the beach and northbound towards my boat, hoping my guns were still in their places. I had deliberately left them aboard because I saw no reason for me to carry guns on this peaceful Island! I spotted a well-used path running straight north, which appeared to be short cut, so I guided the cart into the pathway, and we flew over the softer sand and clumps of foliage and were soon back out on to the beach again where I saw my catamaran sitting there, right where the tempest left it! The guards were gone, probably to answer the battle call, of course. I leapt down from the goat-cart, secured the reins, and climbed up the "Jacob's Ladder" to the deck. I ran through the wheelhouse, through the lounge, and into my captain's quarters. "Come on, think fast, man!" My revolver and ammunition were in the wall at the head of my bed in a well-hidden "secret" little door compartment for emergency only. My high-powered rifle hung in a gun rack on another wall (bulkhead).

I quickly dumped a pillow out of its case, dropped the gun and ammo inside, grabbed the rifle from the gun rack, threw some rifle ammo in the pillowcase, and sped to the galley. Grabbing a knife, I slit the pillow case across the top seam and hung it around my neck. The rifle had a leather sling so it fit securely over my shoulder. When I returned to the cart, I called it "The Chariot of Fire" and shouted to the team, "Let's go back and get 'em, guys!" Reversing our course, and speeding back southward, my goats gave me an occasional glance over their shoulders, as if in fear, but they didn't let me down! I felt the wind in my face as we flew towards the battleground and I prayed none of the villagers were hurt, or even killed!

As my chariot slid into my "home" pathway, I could hear the noises from the skirmish again and could see in the distance ahead that the battle was still raging. My goat team raced on, carrying me up the wide pathway towards the crowd. The villagers saw me coming and made way for my speeding cart to pass between them. King Mohabbo, with Gono still at his side protecting him, also saw me coming and started to grin and shout even louder. I saw our enemy - eight savages were standing their ground - I saw several of our men on the ground, wincing with pain, and blood here and there around them. I pulled the cart to a halt, and, still standing in a driving position, I emptied my revolver into them. Five of the six bullets struck the savages and five of them fell to the ground - a look of amazement on their faces as they died! The other three attempted a rapid retreat towards the west beach but it was too late! I had already discarded my revolver, and with my rifle steadied against the side of the cart, I fired away. As two of them fell, the third one threw his weapons to the ground, dropped to his knees, and bowing with both arms outstretched, surrendered!

Mohabbo then took charge and motioned for several men to subdue that last savage and take him prisoner. "Thou shalt not kill!" came to mind, but in this case there was no other way to save these peace-loving Islanders from total slaughter! The crowd settled down as their emotions changed from fear and anger to relief and victory. Everyone was looking at me, and led by their King, they were clapping, cheering and shouting "Ahndruu, Ahndruu, Ahndruu". I was being hailed as their saving hero! Even though that feeling of sadness had come over me because I was forced to kill fellow human beings, I felt good that I had saved these wonderful Islanders who had taken me into their hearts. Mohabbo, because he was the wise leader and The King of his people, had many decisions to make at this moment, the first of which was to care for the injured. Our two nurses were here already and quickly arranged for the wounded to be loaded on to stretchers and carried to the hospital hut.

Dozens of men, and even some women, encircled Mohabbo, anxiously awaiting his instructions, ready to help. He asked the women to mingle among the families to tell them that all is well now, and there is nothing more to fear. He instructed several men to clean up the mess of the battle scene, still marked with a lot of blood stains! Mohabbo continued to issue orders - talking so fast I couldn't understand - and I saw a side of him that I had never seen before. He appeared concerned and his demeanor showed anger as he kept raising his royal stick in the air as if stabbing his enemy. He was wide-eyed and his face was flushed. His actions in the next two hours were not the actions I expected from the Mohabbo I had known. I realized, though, this man is not only a great leader of his people, but he has the responsibility to protect them as well. He was determined to prevent such an attack from occurring again, but if it should, he wanted to be more prepared next time!

Mohabbo was angry and was determined to make a bold statement to any would-be attackers, who might think of attacking his Island again. His role now was that of a "Commander in Chief "at war. First he ordered a dozen men to build a raft from large bamboo logs. Next he selected seven strong men to go and gather seven green poles; and then he sent a man to the craft shop in the mall to find a large, knife. After about twenty minutes or so, the men, who were charged with these orders, began to return. The one man came back first, carrying the knife. A few minutes later, the other seven strong men returned, each carrying a pole on their shoulders. The poles appeared to be roughly eight feet long and had been sharpened at both ends.

The King looked at the one with the big knife, and pointed down at the seven dead savages. It was hard for me to witness what Mohabbo had ordered to be done. The appointed butcher dropped down on his knees and one by one, separated the heads from their bodies! With each separation, he handed the severed head to each man with a pole, who, in turn, mounted the head on one of the sharpened ends of the poles. The chosen seven walked rapidly, carrying their hideous loads across their shoulders, and hastened towards the western beach where the savages had landed for their attack. There, as instructed by Mohabbo, they planted the poles upright in the sand, in a semi-circle near the pathway entrance. It was a gruesome sight and an unmistakable signal by The King to any other intruders, who might attempt a repeat performance - a sign that any such invasion would end in death to all them!

The cleaning up of the mess was almost complete, when the huge bamboo raft appeared just off-shore and came to rest in the shallows. Four outrigger canoes were tied securely to the raft with long ropes. Several strong men began dragging the headless corpses towards the huge raft which had been prepared with a base of straw and small, dry wood for a funeral pyre. After the bodies had been loaded on the raft, additional firewood was laid on top of those seven decapitated savages. By then, Mohabbo, his Queen Winea, and the entire population, including myself were gathered on the beach to watch what was to become an epic event.

I wondered if there would be singing, or chanting, or perhaps even the beating of drums - but no, there was only silence as five Island men ran down to the floating raft. Four men grabbed hold of the four long ropes and started to wade out into the ocean as the fifth man, who was carrying a long fiery torch waded out behind them. Pulling on those long ropes caused the raft to start floating out to sea, and at the right moment, Mohabbo shouted out a loud "HELEEE". The four ropes were released as the torch was carefully thrown on to the dry straw and the four men swam back to shore. The fire was all-consuming as the raft floated out to sea. It was so hot it even burned up most of the green-bamboo! I was not sure at this point whether or not this was the custom to bury the dead on this Island - it seemed to be similar to a Viking funeral. I found out later that it was not the way they buried their own people - only a defeated enemy!

Mohabbo thanked those who had taken part in the burial at sea and the cleanup, and gave an official salute and bow. He then dismissed he villagers and they disbursed. Mohabbo put a hand on my shoulder and invited me to go with him and The Queen and the entire time we walked towards his hut, his hand was on my shoulder, giving me a pat now and then. When we arrived at Mohabbo's great porch, we realized we were tired - it had been a long day! The attack had started early this morning at seven o'clock and it was about four o'clock in the afternoon now. It's amazing how much turmoil can happen in the short space of nine hours.

I still had my rifle strapped across my shoulder and the tattered pillowcase containing my bullets and revolver hanging around my neck! I removed the case and laid it gently on the porch floor. Before any of us sat down, Mohabbo reached over and gave me a big hug. Winea came over to me and did the same. Then almost simultaneously, they both said "Mahalo nui loa, Ahndruu!" I understood because of the many hours we had spent in learning each other's language, I knew it was "Thank you so much, Andrew!" They both were sincerely thankful to me! I replied "No, no! I happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment to defeat them!"

The King took his chair first, then The Queen sat in her chair on his right, and he offered me the chair beside him on his left. Moments later Winea's servant, Asea came out carrying a large, flat bamboo tray which was adorned with beautiful, flowered vines, and contained a variety of snacks such as nuts, goat cheese and fried breads. The three cups were not your ordinary coconut shells, either; they were made of colorful fired clay and contained the most refreshing juice you could imagine. While we sat there in the cool shade of his porch, we had a long conversation - a bit cumbersome with my "broken-Island speech", but we managed anyway.

In a nutshell, Mohabbo asked me to be his military leader, a commander, as it were, to train a selected unit of men in the ways of defending the Island should there be another attack. He wanted to be prepared in case there was a "next time." He was amazed at the results of my artillery and wanted me to show his craftsmen how to make some proper weapons as well. This request made my day! Finally, after many months on this Island with nothing to do, I can make a useful contribution now with this new opportunity. Now I can earn my keep, so to speak. I accepted The King's offer right away, without reserve, and he was well pleased to say the least! My mind jumped into gear at once as to how I would achieve this new venture, "calm down Andrew!" I thought, "Let's at least finish the meeting!"

We felt so much better now; rested, relaxed, and good plans had been made. Asea returned to clear away the tray and cups. Shortly thereafter, she brought three more cups, smaller than before, which contain a hot drink, which smelled divine. "Coffee" I gasped. Mohabbo nodded, "Kope" (yes - this means coffee!) For my entire stay here, I had missed having my coffee, but in my ignorance, I didn't even know they grew it here. My two nurses had never offered me coffee - perhaps because they thought it may impede my healing process. This gave me an opportunity to discuss the two nurses and to find out why the Island had such a small-scale medical unit. Mohabbo told me the staff was only as large as it needed to be at any given time. The duty was on a rotational basis; that is, staffed for a year or so, and then replaced by another team. Over the years there have been at least two dozen men and women, who have been thoroughly trained in the medical arena. Most were trained by the original resident "doctor", Dono. Even Queen Winea had been a trained a medical person and has served in the hospital many times. Dono is semi-retired now, but is still the ultimate expert on herbs and medicines, and only serves in an emergency.

By this time we were tired, and I thought it best to return to my hospital home and turn in. I gathered my "equipment" and bid them both "ahiahi", which is "goodnight" in Island talk. When I arrived home again, it was approximately seven o'clock, I put the artillery in a drawer, and laid my tired body down. Normally when my day is over and I lay in my bed, my thoughts always turn to Maggie and if or when and how I will see her again. These thoughts prompt the dilemma of my boat and the possibility of repairing it so that I can, indeed, leave this Island. But deep down, as I told The King before, I am convinced my boat may be beyond repair and it is too depressing for me to let it worry me now. So tonight, I will shelf the boat worries and give some thought to my new challenge, the commitment I made to Mohabbo - the training of a new army, how to tackle the weapons designs, and the like, and then I fell into a deep, relaxing sleep!

End Chapter 06 . . . . .

. . . . . Chapter 11 - "The Last Straw"

We reached our western beach, and the seven savage sculls stared at us as we turned east towards the mall. "Boto, drop me off at Mohabbo's and then go straight to Lieutenant Luabo's hut. Tell him the news and tell him to gather his team of twenty together quietly, fully armed, and then to meet me at The King's hut. Remember now, no noise and no lights! Then, Boto, go to my hut and get my two guns and ammo as well! You know where I keep them "He acknowledged "Okay, Ahndruu, I will!"

By the time we arrived in the village, it was midnight and as usual it appeared everyone was asleep in the safety of their huts. Mohabbo and Winea were most likely in bed at this late hour as well, so I immediately and repeatedly banged on his front entrance anyway until he came out. When he realized the time, and saw it was me, he guessed something must be terribly wrong or something crucial had happened. "Ahndruu", he greeted and paused for me to let him know what was going on. I filled him in on the full story and what I had done so far. His head dropped slightly and with a frown on his brow said "Oh no, not again! I was in hopes this was all behind us now! Well, it looks to me you have things under control, and I will leave the entire operation up to you. When we finalize the problem, then I will make the final decisions at the outcome." "Okay, Mohabbo, but don't worry, this time we have the upper hand!"

"Oh, Mohabbo, another thought, it would be best if you and Winea would stay in your hut out of sight inside, and with the protection of Gono. These savages would like nothing better than to kill you first! Okay, I'll leave you now; I hear the shuffling of my minute-men gathering out front. And again, don't worry; we'll take care of them!"

I left them and briskly walked out into the front yard. The night was clear and the light from the moon illuminated the entire area with enough light for me to see it was my Lieutenant, Luabo. He had each of our men lined up and ready to receive further orders. I was pleased to see they were fully armed with the weapons issued to them. Luabo was convinced that another savage attack was imminent, and was patiently waiting for me to approach him to discuss our strategy of defense. In the course of one day, circumstances have caused us to change from our calm, peaceful, everyday living, to a mode of protective warriors, ready to fight to save the land and our families! But we have no choice; we do what we have to do!

I reiterated to Luabo "Remember, silence and stealth will be the key, and we don't know whether the savages will attack during the darkness of this night, or wait until daylight. In either case, we must be ready; we must remain quiet and vigilant, with no lights burning anywhere. As back up to your team, there will be another hundred men armed with a bow and quiver of arrows to assist you, Boto is mustering them as I speak!" Luabo agreed and said "Yes, we would have been outnumbered without the backup, I feel much better now, there is power in numbers and we will not only outnumber our enemy with soldiers, but with weapons as well!" Within fifteen minutes we had a force of at least one hundred twenty men, obedient, armed, and ready to protect their fellow-Islanders, most of whom were their wives and children!

At this point we couldn't sit around here and wonder from which direction our enemy would come, so I told Luabo "We need to post lookouts! Send four mini groups of four village men each to stand watch at the most vulnerable entrances to the village. Those savages will most likely approach us from either the west, or the east beaches, but we can't rule out the woods in the north and especially the pathway south where our canoes are! In addition, instruct the lookout men that if they spot any of the intruders, they must run back here quietly to alert us right away!

By now, it was five o'clock in the morning and still no enemy! Surely thirty five savage warriors camping on our Island in the middle of the night, and shouting war chants had intentions of an invasion? What else would they be doing here in war paint and in such a great number? These thirty five men represented most, if not all, of the fighting force of their Island and I am convinced this was their final "make or break" attack to take over this land for themselves. I am confident they would murder all of us in order to achieve their victory, especially me, as revenge for my killing seven of their top warriors. But this time, we're ready for them!

Suddenly four of our lookout men came running up the path from the south, the well-trodden path used as a shortcut to and from the inlet marina and the farms farther south. The four men arrived, panting deeply and one reported "Come, we see many savages at marina, they have big torches, they burn fire to canoes!" Wow, this certainly was an unexpected tactic to say the least!

Using the best Island language I could, shouted "Come on, Luabo, let's go - bring your men quickly!" He understood me and off we ran, over a hundred of us, down the soft-sand path straight towards the inlet marina. It would be a one and a half mile sprint and we would be out of breath when we arrived, but running was the only option, with no time to harness up the goats and take the carts. So into the night we sped, not talking, and with no lighted torches. Hopefully we can get to the savages before they destroy our entire fleet of boats!

From a distance, we could see their torches flickering, and the even brighter lights were the blazes of fire from several of our canoes plus what was left of my catamaran, all ablaze, sending up tall, yellow and white-hot columns of fire into the night sky. However, it appeared to me they were going at the evil task slowly, even taking time to gather arms full of dry grass to make sure the boats would burn up completely. The savage's lack of haste meant many of our boats may be spared from the destructing fire.

The light radiating from the combination of the canoe fires and their torches, gave us the advantage, we could see them but they could not see us. The lazy pace of the fire-setters is giving Luabo and me a chance to develop a plan of defense, but we still must act quickly! The final battle strategy was to fire a few arrows directly at the few, who were actually starting the fires, so as to halt their destructive act. At the same time, to instruct our shooters to fire arrows just close to the other savages to give them a chance to surrender, in which case we would surround them, bind them, and thus, take them as prisoners for King Mohabbo's final decision.

Our "A Team" of twenty men with the "right stuff" was lined up in two flanks and had been trained to fire in alternate rows - that is, the first row would release their bowed arrows and then drop down to reload. As they did so, the second row would immediately fire their arrows, and so forth. The backup men would shoot only if ordered to do so. All eyes were intensely gazing upon Luabo, waiting and watching for his raised arm to drop, and when it did, it meant "let battle commence" and our arrows would fly towards this "nemesis" of old! I could feel my heartbeat increasing rapidly with the anticipation of yet, another needless battle.

We waited long enough, I gave a quick, distinct head-nod to Luabo and with that, he snapped his arm downward which, in turn, caused ten deadly-aimed arrows to be released from our men in the first flank. The silence of the night was broken by the twangs of ten bow strings, followed immediately by loud shouting from our entire force of one hundred twenty men, to put our enemy, the savages, in a state of shock and chaos.

The savages were overwhelmed with surprise, having been caught in the act of such devious deeds. Each one of the painted warriors, who had been setting fire to our boats, was dropped to the ground as the result of the first flank's fine marksmanship. Surprisingly, even though the rest were shocked with fear, they did not throw down their clubs and axes; instead, they held their ground, hurling long, sharp spears at us and wielding their deadly clubs at us in a futile attempt to kill as many of us as possible!

It was evident at this point we could not force surrender from them as King Mohabbo had hoped. In fact, it was turning out to be the reverse. The rest of the warriors, who didn't make it to their escape vessels, viciously charged our team, swinging clubs and wielding axes as a frantic, final resort to kill us. Little did they know our team was armed with a new, lethal weapon, which was capable of accurately striking a target from a long distance!

Our only recourse now was to continue letting our arrows fly! Luabo and I decided it wouldn't be wise to allow any to escape this time, to regroup for another round of fruitless bloodshed! The savages who were successful in reaching their escape canoes, were paddling rapidly to get away and were out of range of our bow and arrow. I slipped my revolver out of my belt and Luabo received my message. He was already armed with my rifle and I had trained him how to shoot it well. We both fired a few rounds, and dropped each one - every savage was now dead!

It was ironic . . . earlier The King attempted to appease this tribe by delivering extra food and supplies to their Island, and they still elected to kill his people and take over his Island in spite of it! Their game plan this time, however, has resulted in a suicide mission on their part! I sent the entire team of twenty down to the gruesome scene of the battle to ascertain if there were any savages, who may have survived this ordeal, but they could not find even one still alive!

It has been a long, tiring, and sleepless night for us and it is too bad this needless and useless intrusion had to end with the taking of human lives yet again! Too bad also for our normally good and peaceful people to be forced to engage in acts of brutal killing, which they abhor. Our burning boats were quickly brought under control, and little or no serious damage was done to the docks, because, as luck would have it, the fires burned most of the mooring ropes allowing the canoes to drift a few yards away from the wooden docks.

Suddenly my spirits were lifted when I saw the morning sun peeking over the horizon of the eastern sea, assuring us of a new day. My ears could hear sounds, which had changed from the chaotic noise of battle, to the familiar sounds of seagulls cawing over the water, and the regular dawn chorus of our song birds in the nearby trees. Soon after, I heard completely different sounds, those which have grown close to my heart since living here with these beautiful Islanders. It was The King's voice shouting, "Ahndruu, Luabo!" coming from his cart, followed by the faint sounds of tiny hooves clopping on the sand. Of course it was Gono driving Mohabbo to this battle scene, and he was hoping to find us unharmed and to check on the status of his nemesis, the attacking savage tribesmen. Additionally, he brought along with him the two official nurses from the hospital, Nakea and Wikea, a logical precaution in case any of us required medical attention. My nurse friends were glad to see me again and happier still to discover none of us received any wounds in this attack!

Mohabbo was well pleased to learn our total complement of one hundred twenty suffered no wounds, and after we gave him a summarized account of the invasion, he told us it was no surprise to him the savages didn't surrender. However the fact they tried to destroy our canoes did surprise him. Mohabbo, a man of sixty years, is one of the wisest men I have ever known and our friendship has become close. I had watched him in action, especially during the earlier savage attack; his decisions come quickly and are spot on, so to speak. His subjects love him dearly and have proved it by re-electing him as King every year for the past twenty years. He has proved himself to the people as well, by marrying the couples, burying the dead, protecting them, and leading them through many difficulties, which arise from time to time.

So now it is his time, the time for Mohabbo to take charge and call the shots again, to lead his nation back to normal again. Without a doubt he will, and he will do it well, as he always has. He gave Luabo and me his sincere thanks for another job well done and checked around the area as a mother hen looking after her chicks. As he did before, Mohabbo ordered the dead savages to be loaded on to several bamboo rafts en masse to undergo a Viking-style funeral. No other orders were necessary because the fishermen and canoe builders would, on their own, clean up the marina area, repair the damage to the docks, and rebuild replacement canoes in the near future as needed.

The entire village population was summoned to meet along the eastern beach to witness the lighting of the funeral pyres, which had been prepared on large bamboo rafts. As I watched the distant, floating rafts piled high with blazing light wood and straw consuming the dead bodies of the savage enemy, I thought "What a waste of human life this has been, a waste, which could have been avoided, if these few bad apples had the same attitude, compassion, and love for one another as do the "'good" people of these Islands. I guess it's the same throughout our planet; a few spoil it for the many!

After the "Viking-style funeral" was over, King Mohabbo slipped over to me and asked me to meet with him that afternoon on his great porch. Of course I was pleased to meet with him so I gave him the "thumbs up." He knew we all had been up the entire night dealing with this major physical, mental, and emotional ordeal, and we were exhausted, in dire need of rest and sleep, so we all returned to our village huts and slept soundly.

After about four hours sleep, I was awoken around one o'clock to the sounds of Akea preparing a meal for me in the galley. I took a quick shower and felt like a new man, refreshed, re-energized. I am hopeful the total population of savage warriors has now been eliminated, and the only dangerous males left on their Island are the four teenage boys, who are the direct decedents of the warrior chief!

After eating my meal, I didn't bother Boto to drive me the relative short distance to Mohabbo's house because I felt like walking, and to stretch my legs a bit. I even remembered to bring my beautiful walking stick, a gift from Mohabbo and his Queen. It didn't take long for me to reach the cool, inviting porch, which has been used so many times before for the meeting place for The King and me. He was already sitting in his favorite easy chair as if to be anticipating my arrival. When I arrived, he stood to his feet, raised both arms high above him, clasped his fingers together, and slowly brought his arms down towards me, slowly bowing his head as he did so! He was giving me the official greeting of the Island, so naturally I did the same to him! We grinned at each other as we shook hands.

Right away their maid, Asea, brought us a cup of "kope" (coffee); because she knew I enjoyed a cup as much as The King did. As I assumed, he wanted to thank me for my involvement and victory in the warrior attack, and to discuss the next step we should take to deal with whoever was left on "Savage Island." It pleased me to know that he treated me more like a son, or even "his right-hand man", rather than a stranger, who arrived accidentally on to his Island!

"Ahndruu, I must visit the Savage Island to talk with the widows, and especially to hear what the young lads have to say. I plan to leave early tomorrow, and will take Gono with me; will you come with us and bring Boto?" "Of course I will, Mohabbo, it would be my pleasure! I believe it would be a good idea if we brought Lieutenant Luabo along as well, just to make a statement in case of any trouble! I will see to it Boto and Gono are armed with bow and arrows, Luabo can carry my rifle, and I will have my pistol hidden in my sarong belt!" "Yes, a great idea, Ahndruu, I agree." Now, no one knows for sure if there are any more males there, but we have been told by our informers that there may be only the four teenage lads. "It is settled then," said The King, "we will leave for Savage Island in the morning, Gono will reserve a double-hulled sailing outrigger and he and Boto will sail us!" I knew both Gono and Boto were excellent mariners, and I was looking forward to sailing again!

I assumed the meeting between Mohabbo and me was over, our plan to visit Savage Island was all set, but it seemed he wanted to continue talking. He had a serious look on his face, the look, which told me he wanted to engage in a one-on-one sharing conversation with me. He called for Asea and asked her to bring us another cup of coffee. Mohabbo said "Ahndruu, I am concerned about those widows, who are left on the now-conquered Savage Island. As the leader of all four of these islands, I believe that I should attempt to persuade them to leave that Island, and move here! I am certain that our villagers will welcome them with open arms, and will help them get settled. I have been told that even though the savage men were evil, the women still have the faith of the main Island."

I was taken back a bit with his statement because this is the first time I have heard anything concerning the religion of these people! There was no one to my knowledge, who acted as a religious leader of any kind; I had not ever seen anyone praying, or kneeling or displaying any faith and certainly no religious meetings ever. I have noticed, however, two major subjects with respect to these amazing people. First, it is beyond belief that almost a thousand humans living together in one limited area are so nice to each other. As I mentioned before, in this place there are no jails, no locks, no domestic quarrels, no anger, no police, and no violence. Secondly, these simple people don't know what "bad" is, they are always good, and never angry, more than willing to help each other, and anxious to do whatever it takes to keep the Island running smoothly. Fighting would be out of the question unless, of course, they were attacked as they have been several times. They appear to love, understand, and help each other with no questions asked, ever!

Since this meeting has turned out to be another "one-on-one" and a "sharing" time, which Mohabbo initiated, I thought this to be an opportune time to ask about the innermost cultures of the people here. So I did, "Mohabbo, I have wanted to ask you for a long time now, how can the people here continue to be so good without the prompting or guidance from anyone else?" He peered deep into my eyes as he did every time he was going to share something serious with me. He also spoke softly and slowly in order for me to understand. As he did so, he used his hands to accentuate what he was saying.

"Okay Ahndruu, I will attempt to answer your questions as best I can, but you may not comprehend what I am about to tell you." He looked up towards the sky, and pointing a finger said "First, there is the spirit of moving life, that is, animals and humans on the land; fish of the waters, and birds of the air. This spirit will watch over each of these if, and only if, WE are good, kind, loving, compassionate, and forgiving with each other. This is the first spirit."

I listened intensely to him as he spoke and kept quiet so he would feel comfortable to continue. "Then there is the second spirit, which the spirit of still life, which doesn't move around as we do. This is the spirit of the trees, fruit, flowers, bushes, and grass. This spirit will watch over and protect these only if we vow to be good!" With this, I didn't say a word; I kept looking into his eyes, and his words were getting more and more interesting with each proclamation!

As he continued, he said "The third and final spirit is the spirit of the elements. This spirit controls such elements as the wind, the rain, the ocean tides and waves and even the clouds above. This spirit will protect us from storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, lightning, fire, and hailstones or will allow us to learn how to protect ourselves, but only if we continue to be good!"

It was then I was reminded of the recent hurricane we had and how the Islanders coped with it with the roof nets and shutters. The Islanders certainly survived that! Then there were the savage attacks - they learned how to be protected from those ordeals as well! In addition, there is the protection factor from outsiders - no one can see or even find this place! It is well hidden, secluded, and surrounded by a ten-mile thick bank of yellow fog. It is located in The Bermuda Triangle, where the magnetic field is so strong, not only do electronic devices experience false readings on their displays, but the magnetic waves act as a mirror similar to heat waves in the desert! Now THAT is protection!

Mohabbo continued "Now, these three spirits are actually one Great Spirit! I know it may be hard for you to understand how one spirit could also be three. Each of the three spirits was within one Great Spirit, who has the power to act independently or as one at the same time! Each of us believes this to be true and we are compelled from within to be good to each other. If we keep our vows, promising to be good, then the spirits will also keep their promises to protect us! These are your answers and the reason we have no need of anyone else to tell us to be good. This has been our custom for many generations!"

I sensed he had finished his explanation, so at that moment I gave Mohabbo a genuine smile, an affirmative head nod, and a hearty hand shake! I was astounded! The people of this isolated Island nation rarely see a stranger, especially outsiders such as missionaries or the like. Yet, even though they don't realize it, in a round-about way, they have beliefs, which parallel common religions in the world's populated countries. I took this opportunity to let Mohabbo know his beliefs amazed me because in my country, America, there is a close similarity with The Christian Faith, and ours was also a Trinity belief, which is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! There are three different entities under one God. He was pleasantly surprised at my understanding him and he was happy we had three spirits as they do.

Mohabbo went on to say "Almost everything here is based on threes. The sky, the land, and the water make three. The man, the woman, and their child make three. The tea brew, which we all drink three times a day, contains three medicinal herbs. The remedies for rashes, cuts, scrapes, and sprains, contain the juice of a combination of three distinct wild plants. The plaster, which healed your broken ankle when you were in the hospital, was one of those remedies!

This meeting with Mohabbo is, without a doubt, the best one we have ever had. It answered most of my questions, and solved most of the mysteries. There is one more problem facing us, however, and it will be taken care of tomorrow when we sail to Savage Island! What will we encounter when we arrive there? Do the women of the savage warriors know of the fate, which befell their husbands? Time will tell. We said "Aloha" for now and I stood up to leave. Mohabbo, realizing I had forgotten my great walking stick, hurried out into the yard to hand it to me. I thanked him and casually walked back to my hut.

Just as I was finishing another delicious evening meal, I heard the familiar sound of small wings fluttering through my window. He squawked "Hello!" as he landed on the table to clean up the leftover crumbs. "Well, well, hello yourself, Phydeaux! You're running late today, aren't you? I'm getting ready for a trip tomorrow; I'm assembling a few items I'll need to take with me to Savage Island. Okay, let's see, my binoculars, and oh yes, my pistol. Hey Phydeaux, how about this, my straw hat tied under my chin in case the breeze sends it skipping across the water! You like it?" "Squawk, skipping!"

The next morning, as planned, Boto joined me on my great little porch, and while we were waiting for Gono to pick us up, we sipped on a delicious cup of coffee and thanks to Akea, nibbled on a slice of her sweet cake! We had no sooner finished our desert when Gono pulled up in a ten-goat-cart, complete with multiple chairs mounted on it, two up front, and three more behind. Boto and I climbed into two of the back seats behind Gono and Mohabbo. We said our greetings to them, Akea waved us goodbye, and Gono steered the goat team towards the village to collect Luabo.

This was the first time I had seen King Mohabbo all dressed up in his official, royal robe, which I assumed to be the custom when an Island leader made a visit to another one of the Islands. His sarong was dazzling, with beautiful bold colors and his arms were adorned with royal, hand-carved bracelets. His head dress held colorful feathers with a few fresh flowers intertwined. Yes, I would say he looked regal, as a King should look!

The trip to the marina was short and quick, only a mile and a half by way of the well-used shortcut path. When we at arrived at the boat docks, we were astonished to see what a fast cleanup had been done by the boatmen after the messy battle and fires! The damage was minimal to the dock where the canoes burned, and the damage had already been repaired. The men reported some of hulls of the burned canoes were actually useable again as a base for new planking because the water line stopped the fire at the hull base.

As for my poor, wrecked catamaran, there was a different story, it was completely consumed by fire and sunk to the bottom, right at the dock! However, our persistent mariners dove down, secured ropes to the skeleton, and pulled it up to the surface because they knew it still contained metal parts, which would be stored for later use. Mohabbo complimented them for their efforts and we walked to the end of the dock to board our sleek, double hulled sailing outrigger canoe. Gono was the captain, and shouted to the dock men to throw off our lines and to give us a shove away from the dock.

Boto was Gono's first mate, and helped with the paddling to the mouth of the inlet. When we glided out into the sea, we were met with a breeze blowing from the northeast, perfect for us to head south-southwest towards the "Savage Island." After our mainsails were hoisted on each hull's mast, the craft began to move swiftly over the smooth waves, and I was pleasantly surprised at how fast these outriggers could go! I must admit, it sure did feel great to be sailing again, I missed it!

It took two hours for us to sail south to our destination. As we drew closer to the Island, a crowd of people began to gather on the beach near our intended landfall. When we were close enough to see them, it was obvious that no men were among them, only women and children. Then our hulls skidded to a halt as the bows met the sand in the crystal-clear, shallow water. The majority of the throng lingered on the dry sand of the beach, while a dozen waded out to meet us. They gathered around us, holding on to the sides of our craft in relative silence with an inquisitive look on their faces, which told us the women had no idea what was going on. I wasn't sure if this was good or bad, but there was one thing I did know - Mohabbo knew how to handle the situation either way!

Mohabbo hailed to them with a cordial greeting and asked to be escorted to meet with the matriarch, the wife of the warrior leader. Two of the women smilingly gave him nods and motioned to follow. Mohabbo was laden with royal regalia, so we helped him down from the boat and he said "Lieutenant Luabo, you stay aboard to watch over the canoe. If there is trouble, we will call you and you can bring Ahndruu's rifle with you!" Mohabbo and the three of us followed the group of women through the waves, which were less than a foot high and gently washed across a wide expanse to get to a large, flat sandbar-type beach.

We were led to the hut of their Queen, where we found her standing out front in the midst of empty chairs, which encircled her. She acted reserved and cordial, even smiling, but she was understandably cautious and nervous because she rarely had the opportunity to see King Mohabbo. She invited us to be seated, and then turned to her maid asking her to call everyone to gather around us. This positioning made me nervous, for a moment I became paranoid, thinking maybe we have walked into a well-orchestrated trap! Even though my pistol was tucked neatly under my sarong belt, it had only six rounds in it! Soon, the entire population had gathered around us, the important ones seated in the limited array of chairs, and the rest standing all around the perimeter. I could see clearly there were no adult males, only women and small children, except the four teenage lads, who stood close to the matriarch, their mother. The small children ranged in age roughly between three and ten, and were a mix of boys and girls, mostly girls. The four teen boys looked to be between fourteen and seventeen years old.

There was absolute silence among them, which was broken when the dead leader's wife asked Mohabbo to inform her why we had come. We knew full well it was impossible for her to be ignorant of her husband's evil plan to take over our Island, but we could understand why she would not want to divulge her knowledge. Mohabbo thought it best to be standing when he addressed these people so when he stood up, the three of us did as well.

He began his address in a loud and clear tone in their native language. He said "As you probably know, two nights ago, your men, fighting-warrior men, made another desperate attempt to take over my Island, attacking us, trying to murder us, and in the process, they set fire to our canoes! Their futile attempt failed because we were ready for them this time! We now have in place, a well-trained and brave army with new weapons and therefore we successfully defeated them!" "However, we made a genuine and sincere effort to force them to surrender, but they chose not to! Instead, they charged us with all the maximum force they could muster to continue the attack. We had no other option but to kill them! The battle ended with the death of all of your men, every one of them was killed, I am so sorry!"

Immediately and without hesitation, the entire crowd of women, including the Chief Warlord's wife, broke into song, cheering, and they began swinging their arms in the air as they danced happily with each other! Most of them were even crying and sobbing with tears of joy and relief! It was an unexpected spectacle to behold indeed, and Mohabbo looked at us with disbelief, while at the same time, his relief was evident. Soon, the women regained their composure, and settled down. One by one, each woman bared her soul to King Mohabbo, telling him how terrible it had been for all of them to have to live with drunken "monsters." Between their sobs, they told how they had been terribly mistreated for years and now they were free from the bondage of those "evil men"!

The matriarch wanted to talk again, and shared with us the true story of how life had really been for them on this Island of despair . . . "These men, who were supposed to love and care for us, only thought of themselves. They were lazy, selfish, did no work, and stayed drunk most of the time. Every night they gathered together planning how they would kill you and everyone else on your Island, even your women and children! These men are from bad seed. We are not bad; we want to be good, like your people, but were not allowed to be. Our young girls here lived in total fear most the time, fear of being raped again as they had been before, over and over."

The four teenage lads stood close to their mother to show support to her as she spoke. It appeared the lads were on the side of the women and had no inclinations of wanting to fight as their warrior-father did. Then their mother continued her emotional sharing. "King Mohabbo, we are so sorry you and your wonderful people had to put up with the likes of these no-good men all these years! Not one of us ever loved any of them and felt as prisoners on this Island. We wouldn't dare tell any of you how it was because we would have been beaten and even tortured! There was no justice here either, if any man here was suspected of so-called treason, he would be tortured and then killed!"

"If you can find it in your heart to believe and forgive us, we want to be good and faithful, to live our lives in peace, love, and harmony, with your people. It will be impossible for us to exist by ourselves on this tiny atoll of an Island. Each one of us, including my four sons is willing to show you we can live as you do." After Mohabbo heard the plight of these good women, who were forced to live in fear and pain with these savage men, his compassion kicked in and he began to speak to them again.

"I, the elected King of many years, do truly believe you and sympathize with you. And yes, I also agree you cannot survive alone, and must leave this island of bad memories forever. I swear to you here and now that I will see to it that all of you will be taken care of and the following is what must take place. Your stores of food, which were recently left for you, look plentiful right now, so over the next few days, gather together the belongings you must take with you and store them in baskets ready to be loaded. Today we shall return to our village and I will call a special meeting of our Island people to tell them all about your situation. I am more than certain my people will accept you into our fold and will see to it you are fed, clothed, and sheltered. This is the way we are now, and this is the way we will always be, vowing to take care of each other!"

"Next I will arrange to send a continuous ferry of canoes to your Island and will carry you and your belongings over to our large Island, a canoe-full at a time. It will be up to you to assign who goes first." After Mohabbo had finished this profound speech, the people cheered and cried again with uncontrollable happiness. They jumped up and down and bowed to The King. We headed back to our canoe, followed by the women and children - still cheering. We were finally under sail and the weather was relatively calm, except for one inconsequential line of tropical squalls between us and the sun. Mohabbo pointed towards one of the clouds to show us a beautiful rainbow! He told us it was a sign to us from the Spirits for doing the right thing for these people here today!

The short voyage back home was smooth and uneventful; we even ate the delicious lunch, which had been prepared for us by the women of this Island. It was a gesture of thanks on their part. Mohabbo did as he had promised; he called an Island meeting and in it shared the plight of those poor families. It was a unanimous vote we bring them here, and to set them up until they could manage for themselves.

The canoes were sent, the women and their children were temporarily fostered while our men built more huts for them. The four young males from the old, Savage Island showed eagerness to help with the construction. The widows and children from Savage Island did as they had promised to The King; they reaffirmed their faith in the three spirits under one Great Spirit, and vowed always to be good. One by one, Mohabbo dipped them in the sacred pool while the entire village was in attendance and bore witness. After this lengthy ceremony, The King called for a great feast to be prepared, a celebration feast to welcome the Island's new families, to erase the bad memories, and to wipe the slate clean! After the merriment of eating, drinking, dancing, and singing was over, the days that followed seemed normal again, as if the additional families had always been here, and eventually Mohabbo had more and more ceremonies to perform, a few new weddings, and a few more Island babies to dip! . . . .

"Unknown Island Paradise"
by Riley & Maggie Geddings

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