Unknown Island Paradise 2

"Unknown Island Paradise 2" by Maggie Geddings

This second eBook in the series, "Unknown Island Chronicles", still has our readers hungering for more as it continues the adventurous and carnal relationship between Andrew and Maggie, who are now King and Queen of this unknown island in the Bermuda Triangle.

In describing the many graphic erotic scenarios, the terminology used by the co-authors is unique and a welcome change to the norm.

The action, adventures and turmoil continue, including the arrival of a Category 3 hurricane. Andrew's impressive physique is enhanced by his daily workouts in the Jungle Gym he personally designed and constructed, and his tremendous strength is utilized in all arenas - especially in the romantic and erotic sessions he enjoys with his wife. The "drop-dead gorgeous" Maggie continues to be the supportive wife he needs, and adores, and their family is complete by the births of their four children.


We are currently co-writing the on-going "Unknown Island Chronicles", a series of eBooks.   This second in the series, "Unknown Island Paradise 2", has been published, and is available for sale world-wide at all major eBook stores.    Riley concentrates on writing the adventure, action, war battles, intrigue and mystery.   Maggie's talent is creating the romance, love and deep passion, and describing the explicit erotica in a genteel manner - no vulgarity - no blasphemies - no obscenities - a welcome change in this day and age.

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Thank you,
Riley & Maggie

Announcement From GOOD EBOOKS™


Dear Readers:

As a follow-up to our "Unknown Island Paradise" Series, we wanted to announce the publishing of the new book, "Mystery Island Paradise: Making the Movie".

It is scheduled to be published in 2016.

Will Be Published Soon !


The Good Ebooks Team

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