"Finding Her Heart"
by Donna Wittlif

"Coal Hollow An Echo in the Abyss"
by Cher Duncombe

"The Golden Age Dawns"
by Gabriel Woods

"The Doms of Club Mystique"
by Mardi Maxwell

by Carole Price

"Billionaire Unknown"
by J. S. Scott

"The Grid Warrior"
by KC Martin

"The Billionaire's Obsession"
by J. S. Scott

"Mystic Mountains (Settlers Book 1)"
by Tricia McGill

A story of settlers' courage and

"A Greek Summer",
by Patricia Cole

Rhythm of life
on a Greek island!

"A Call Through Time"
by Tricia McGill

Can their love survive through
time and treachery?


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"God's Word My Guarantee"
by Richard Onebamoi

"Wounding the Church"
by V. Bryan

"The Doms of Club Mystique box set"
by Mardi Maxwell

"High Hopes"
by Sue Lilley

"Powerful Destiny"
by Tricia McGill

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