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As a token of our sincerity and appreciation, we are giving our new author friends a gift certificate to be applied to any available, paid advertising space.

Your gift certificate may only be used one time to be fair to our other author friends. You may use your gift when you order a paid ad. Merely enter "NUAUTH30" in the discount box on any paid order form. This will give you a one-time 30% discount on any paid ad.

So please take a thorough journey through our site and take advantage of what it offers. You will certainly find at least 1 or 2 avenues for you to market your writings. There are free-ad opportunities as well as very low-budget ads, and both will get results!


To get new authors started, especially those with a small advertising budget, we offer several webpages which contain book-cover ads and are free. This option will help, even though these ads run only a short period of time.

One of our top priorities at GOOD EBOOKS is to assist all authors with their marketing endeavors by providing limited free advertising to promote their eBooks and books. But to be fair to all authors, We reserve the right to limit the number of free ads for any one author.

The place to find these freebies is:

Is for Children, Teen, and Young Adult (YA) titles. These free ads will be displayed on "Kidz World", holding 20 ads, and running for at least 30 days each. See:

"Christian", or "Other Spiritual Inspirational" Book ads will be displayed on multiple pages, "Biblical Gold", "Biblical Gold 2", "Biblical Gold 3", and so on..... holding an unlimited amount of free ads, which, in effect, do not expire. We now have 6 Biblical Gold webpages ! See:

This free webpage is somewhat different. If an author has a book or eBook which has been released within the last 5 months, we will feature it in the center fold. The large book-cover ad will display the author, title, release date, and full book description, The ad will be displayed in sequence by release date. We only run the most current release for the last 5 months because of page-space constraints. Then ads will trickle down as time passes, and will be deleted in the 6th month. See:

Not every author has this talent or business. However, for designers, we offer a free, dedicated webpage for that purpose. This free webpage is unique, in that it contains free blocks of space for the designer or illustrator to display a company logo, name, address, phone number, contact or email, samples, and a full description of what the designer does. See:

We often run across publishers who would like to provide our writers with a publishing option. We offer them a free, dedicated webpage which contains free blocks of space for the publisher to display a company logo, name, address, phone number, contact or email, samples, and a full description of what the publisher offers. Some publishers promote imprints, or book-cover ads for their authors. We will display those ads for a small extra fee for 3 months. However, if the publisher buys paid ads anywhere else on our website, these ads will also be displayed in the publisher's free space at no extra cost. See:


Let's go through a free-ad example together. We have written and published an inspirational book and want to start with a freebie ad on GOOD EBOOKS.

Our advertising budget is not quite up to par at the moment, so we should try for a freebie to start with. Let's visit the author page at:

We'll scroll down past the 3 paid-ad promotion ad blocks, down to the "Wait List" form. There is normally a short wait for free ads because of the demand. Okay, let's fill in the form, and in the pull-down menu for "Which Type Ad Page ? *", we will select "Inspirational" because our book is Biblical.

Let's say that our book was released 2 weeks ago. We should let GOOD EBOOKS know that our book qualifies for the "New Releases" webpage. Well, we could go ahead and add that info in the comments section of the form - hmmmm, no, just to be sure, let's submit this request form and fill out another form for our new release request.

GOOD EBOOKS will receive both of our requests and answer them with "RECEIVED" in the subject. The Good Ebooks Team Member will give us a ballpark time that our free-ad requests will be honored, and will add our requests to the "Wait List". When it's our turn, they will create our 2 ads, and send us a notification. At this point, we should visit the links where our ads were created and check our ads for accuracy. If any data should be corrected, GOOD EBOOKS will be happy to do so.

Linking to Amazon USA or Amazon UK:

Basically, all of our paid-advertising spaces are book-cover ads and contain a direct link to Amazon USA or Amazon UK. The ads are in columns on the left and right, and are price-rated by page position.

"Top 10 Ad Spots" - (Positions 1 though 5 on either side) and have a 'greenish' background.

"Middle-high 10 Ad Spots" - (Positions 6 though 10 on either side) and have a 'blueish' background.

"Middle-Low 10 Ad Spots" - (Positions 11 though 15 on either side) and have a 'grayish' background.

"Lower 10 Ad Spots" - (Positions 16 though 20 on either side) and have a 'tanish' background.

Every ad on GOOD EBOOKS is formatted as a full-color, book-cover ad, and will link directly to your eBook(s) or book(s).

All Amazon USA paid ads will run on 17 non-free webpages for 3 full months with the option to renew.

All Amazon UK paid ads will run on the "Shop Amazon UK" webpage with option to renew.

The available ad space, ad rates, and ad-order forms are found below. Cick on "Promote Here" below.

We Promote Books / eBooks on
( Click Here to Promote )

We Promote Books / eBooks on
( Click Here to Promote )


Let's go through a paid-ad example together. Remember, we have written and published a Biblical book and obtained a free ad on "Biblical Gold" and "New Releases". We received pretty good results from those freebies, and GOOD EBOOKS treated us right, they seem honest, and their paid ads are quite reasonable - so let's go for it, let's buy a paid ad !

We have a few bucks in our advertising budget now, so let's go visit the Amazon USA ads-available webpage under "Advertising" in the navigation bars. We will land on:

In this example we are assuming that the ad space at position 7-Left is available.
We can see right away that this shows us the left and right positions of ad space which have been sold and which are available. Look at position 7-Left in the "Middle-High" rate area, it's marked as
** AVAILABLE **. Just above that, we see a yellow box marked "Order Now". We can click on that box and it will link us with the order form. It's quite a good position and is a tad cheaper than "Top Spot". Okay, now let's fill in the form.

"Author" Box, we enter the actual author (or pen) name, even if it's not our real name.

"Email" Box, we enter the email address which we will want to receive emails from GOOD EBOOKS.

"Use Pull-Down to Select Your Ad" Box, we must select one from the Amazon area, so we will select "Amazon Middle-High Ad - 7-Left".

"Book Title * & Comments" Box, is where we will enter our book title. Since it's on Amazon, we should also enter the ASIN number. We can also add comments.

"Discount Code" Box, from time to time, GOOD EBOOKS will publish a 'sale', and discount the rate. An example would be a 20% discount on Amazon USA ads. The discount code could be something like "AMAZON20". If so, that is what we would enter on this order!

"Submit Info" Box, is what we click to submit the form - (dughhhh !)

The software knows that posotion 7-Left is available now, and will be flagged "Sold" when our order has been received at GOOD EBOOKS.

GOOD EBOOKS will receive our paid order and answer it with "RECEIVED" and a big Thank you ! The GOOD EBOOKS Team will create our book-cover, Amazon USA-Link ad very soon, usually the same day. They will send us an email to that effect, to notify us know that our ad space at position 7-Left is now running on 17 non-free webpages for greater exposure. Then, a bit later, we will receive an invoice for us to pay for the initial 3 months ad rate. Since we have received such fast service from GOOD EBOOKS, we should pay the invoice quickly. They will acknowledge our payment upon receipt.

After our ad has run for 3 months, GOOD EBOOKS will notify us about 3 days before it expires, saying we have the option to renew the ad space for another 3 months at the current rate. If we feel that our ad has been fruitful for us, we will consider renewing our ad space for another 3 full months. This option is purely optional on our part, we don't have to renew, but it would be nice if we would let them know by a reply.

The folks at GOOD EBOOKS don't know if we are going to renew or not. They are pretty smart, but, alas, not mind readers. So just in case we may want to renew, they will send us a courtesy reminder about 2 to 4 days before our ad space expires. Then if we want to renew, they will send us an invoice so that we may renew.

In our case we want to renew, but let's suppose we don't. The Good Ebooks Team will never 'pressure' us, they will not send another noyify. Of course, we would be nice enough to send them an email that we are going to decline the renewal option this time around. Therefore if they get no reply, our ad space will expire, and our ad space will be added to the ads-available page as "Available".

Now suppose we have a different book that we would rather advertise in our 7-Left position? No problem, GOOD EBOOKS will change the title any time, if we send the title and/or ASIN number!


Authors can request to be added to GOOD EBOOKS mailing list by submitting a form at:

Authors can request to be removed from our mailing list by submitting a form at:

Authors can request to be notified of any advertising space which has become available by submitting a form at:

Authors can request to be added to our directory of authors by submitting a form at:

Authors can always get in touch with us by clicking the 'Contact' in the navigation bar on any webpage, or image below:

Authors can review the GOOD EBOOKS' updated statistics by visiting:

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