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These eBooks, and/or books, are written by Christian authors, and will give you a wide gamut of titles.

From personal experiences to miracles, from tragedy to triumph, heart-warming stories which are sure to inspire you. This is truly a Biblical Gold Mine, a unique niche of good Christian eBooks and books for the Christian reader and Christian author alike !

So enjoy and please visit us often, these multiple pages are updated often (almost daily !) with new titles.

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"Si Mi Pueblo Orara..."
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Shinar In the Dust"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Scriptures For Weight Loss"
by Alexandria Claire
"Resurrection Hope"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Embracing the Spoken Word"
by Calesia Graham
"Lone Pine Bride"
by Sylvia Damsell
"Mary's Diary: of Jesus' Life"
by Mrs. Marilyn Friesen
"Living The Overcoming Life"
by Richardson George
"Like A Flood"
by Elizabeth Proske
"Its Gates Shall Not Prevail"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"You Are Not Your Own"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Mateo, Marcos y Lucas"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"¿Sere Salvo?"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Christianity (The Deceit)"
by Claude Roberts
"La Oveja Perdida"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Small Town Roads"
by L.B. Johnson
"The Reality of Suffering and the Peace of God"
by Glenn C. Stewart
"La Carrera que Tenemos por Delante"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Parábola de la Semilla Diminuta"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
by Cora Brantner
by SM Ford
"Mary's Song"
by Susan Count
"The Shining Castle"
by Mrs. Marilyn Friesen
"Si Tu Hermano Peca"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"Business Ethics for Executives"
by Peet van Biljon
"Knowing Your Inner Man"
by Happy Zhou
"Su Fruto En Nosotros"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
by Carolyn Molica
"Wisdom Shines"
by Kevin Waldeman
"Shadows of Bible Prophecy"
by Kevin Waldeman
"Harmony of The Gospels"
by Jay Christian
"Faith Without Borders"
by Jeremy G. Woods
"Marie and Mr. Bee"
by Margaret Welwood

"A Dollar Goes a Long Way"
by Christine Meunier
"Teach Your Kids to Hear God!"
by Lee Ann Rubsam
"O My Soul"
by Gemima Jeudy
"The Shift"
by MaryAnne Connor
"Unequal Yokes and Mixed Seed"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
"I Confess That I Am Judgmental!"
by DeBorrah K. Ogans
by Carolyn Molica
"Shadows and Mysteries"
by Kevin Waldeman
"A Spiritual War"
by Kevin Waldeman
"Myth or Mysteries"
by Kevin Waldeman
"Forbidden Fruit Temptation"
by Crystal Mary Lindsey
"The House at Bethany"
by Donald P. James Jr.

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