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By the way, we not only promote ebooks, but BOOKS as well !
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Recently, The Good Ebooks Company installed all new computers and other hardware; updated and installed software to run faster than a speeding bullet, thus to better serve YOU !

We have 12 areas of book promotions, FREE, and LOW-BUDGET ! What we are doing is working great, thanks to authors like you.


We assist authors by creating FREE ads for their writings, which link direct to Amazon Kindle:

Free Inspirational ("Biblical Gold")
We post your free ad on page 1 at the top. When your ad trickles down to the bottom, it is transferred to the top of Biblical Gold page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,...... etc, etc.

Free Children ("Kidz World")
We post your free ad at the top of either the left or right side column. Your ad will run for a minimum of 30 days, but normally will be there for about 2 months.

Free Center-Fold Feature ("New Releases")
This is basically a "non-free", paid-ad webpage. However if your book has been published within the past 10 current months, we will feature it (free), in the center column by published date. As time passes, it will eventually drop off the bottom.

Free International Directory of Authors("Directory of Authors")
This directory lists author by last name, contains links to author's website, blog, Facebook, etc. Your entry also contains your Amazon Author Page, which gives our visitors access to ALL your books ! Links to book ads are not allowed because we have adertising web pages to handle these links.

Please note that when a free ad expires, we DO NOT notify the author who requested the free ad ! We simply don't have the time. Normally, requesting authors will monitor their ads, and either request free renewals, or move into our low-cost ad arena which gives them exposure to 17 non-free pages for 3 full months ! (Thanks !)


We assist authors by creating very low-cost ads for their writings, which link direct to Amazon Kindle USA: These paid ads are displayed on 17 of our non-free webpages and the cost runs from $37 down to $23 each for 3 full months and link to Amazon !(See Author Page HERE)

These paid ads are displayed on "Shop Amazon UK" ad rate runs from $17 down to $12 each for 3 full months and link to Amazon UK !
(See Customer Page HERE)  
(See Ads Available and Order Page HERE)

Our concept is working great and gives the reader a gold mine of fresh, new, authors and titles, quite difficult to find, and makes us that much more popular, which, in turn, helps us and our author associate friends !

In addition, our customer base becomes more and more aware that they know where to come first for these fresh, new reads. These results show up by our increase in visitor hits at both GOOD EBOOKS and Amazon. Our repeat-visitor rate is still well over 50%.

* Current Up-To-Date GOOD EBOOKS ™ Statistics Report *

www.GoodEbooks.net SITE STATISTICS
(Source: A delta, weighted algorithum from Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Yahoo, Bing, Webalizer, and Alexa)

** Updated January 21, 2019 **

Rank in the World ........................................ (Out of Est. 1 Billion, 338 Million Sites) See image below:

Average Load Time...................................... See image below:

Rank in United States .................................. (Out of Est. 505 Million Sites) See image below:

Connections at Linkedin .............................. 12,200+

Authors who Advertise with us ................... 1,000+

Sites linking into GOOD EBOOKS............ 9,543 (Per Our Google Analytics)

Percent of Search Traffic for https://www.goodebooks.net by keyword
"good ebooks" is 100% for all the Top Search Engines !

Search-key rank (Try it, Click: ) goodebooks Google - top of page one !
Search-key rank (Try it, Click: ) good ebooks Yahoo - top of page one !
Search-key rank (Try it, Click: ) good ebooks Bing - top of page one !
Search-key rank (Try it, Click: ) good ebooks Excite - top of page one !
Search-key rank (Try it, Click: ) goodebooks AOL - top of page one !

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Real Testimonials from Real Authors & Readers !

"Riley, you have such a heart for authors. I have advertised on your site for four years and have always seen my revenue increase. Thank you for your on-going commitment to writers."

"Wow, thank you so much, Riley! Blessings & hugs to you!"

"Thank you so much for your support, I really feel your best intentions for authors..."

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to display and connect my books to readers! I greatly appreciate your support and kindness and friendship too!"

"I am pleased to have found your site."

"Thanks a million, Riley. I doubt you get thanked often enough, but as a self-published author struggling to gain a foothold, I'm truly grateful for the service you provide."

"Okay perfect. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your program. It is amazing!"

"Thank you guys so much!! You are absolutely amazing and such a great help to all authors as I can see."

"Yes, I would definitely like to renew my ad for my book. Actually, the sales continue and I am delighted!"

"Thank you, Mr. Geddings and team; it's a wonderful opportunity you are providing me. I'm excited to have your help and more than thankful."

"Riley Geddings is a great artist, a renown artist, whose works are done in incredible colors that capture the very essence of Florida. He is also an amazing writer who pulls the reader's interest on page one and does not release it. I close his books only to want more.
Perhaps one of Riley's greatest abilities is that of encouragement, a divine gift, I believe. No matter how busy he is, he always takes time to encourage writers and nurtures their growth with his apt perceptions. He is a treasure to all and a cherished friend, as well as mentor. "

"Thanks so much, Riley. I noticed a spike in sales after I first joined."

"I want to thank you for the free posting on www.GoodEbooks.net for my newly published book. Truth be told, sales on this book were not much to brag home about. I had a posting on your site and another Amazon ad running at the same time and my sales increased dramatically. Actually, my book ended up being listed on Amazon's Top 100 Best Seller's List in three categories. I was uncertain if it was your site's posting or the Amazon ad which had such an impact on my book sales and rankings. However, the Amazon ad ceased two days ago and your ad is still running. The sales on my book are still going strong and it remains on Amazon's Top 100 Best Selling List in those same three categories. I am convinced the posting on your site had the most impact and for that I am extremely grateful. I will certainly spread the word to my fellow author and reader friends. Many, many thanks!"

"Thank you so much for doing this for me, much appreciated. You have always been a great supporter of us Indie authors and I certainly appreciate that. You give good value and service for money so I hope to be with GoodEBooks for a long time to come."

" I have noticed that the sales of Kindle books has gone up. I'm assuming that you are to thank for this. I appreciate your work."

"Thanks Riley. I've probably told you this before but almost every time I place a new ad with you my book sales spike. Good stuff, man."

"I feel like I have stumbled onto a goldmine! I will definitely share your amazing services with all of my contacts."

"Riley, you are a godsend to those of us who can't afford expensive promotion. I can't thank you enough."

"I've noticed that every time I upgrade my ads on www.GoodeBooks.net within one or two days my sales on Amazon take a jump."

"Thank you so much for your generous listings of my book. When I clicked on your website and saw all three of your listings, all of them so beautifully done, I sat here and I just said, "Wow! Unbelievable!" I'll be blogging about having my book up on your site tomorrow. Again, many thanks!"

"I am thrilled to be listed at Good EBOOKS! It is an honor and a privilege. Like other authors listed here, the exposure we receive for our efforts is almost immeasurable. One never knows who may discover us, enjoy our offerings and hopefully, recommend us. There is nowhere I would rather have my book than at this incredible site.
With deep appreciation,"

"I have another book on here! I love this site!"

"The subject of your website came up at the Tuscan Writer's Conference."

"My publisher is always impressed by the Good Ebooks listings and the results they produce. :)"

"I have already been up on your site before, and I found it to be very helpful in boosting sales. Thanks, Riley!"

"I am impressed with your service. Many thanks for getting this book up so quickly! Best wishes,"

"Thanks, I know my listing on Good eBooks made a real impact. I'm really happy. Thanks so much for all your support. I think your website is one of the most attractively designed out there."

"Great work you are doing for authors, thanks and God bless."

"Thank you for your help and support. It is very much appreciated. I'll be putting links to the Good Ebook site on my facebook pages.Bless you!"

"Thank you!!! I am so excited to be on www.goodebooks.net! Thanks so much for the opportunity."

"Hi, Riley . . . I heard about this site because you connected with me on Linkedin and told me about it. What a wonderful place-- I'd be happy to be a part of it! Thanks and blessings,"

"THANK YOU!!!! I just went to the website and there it is, just as you said! I'm so proud to be associated with Good Ebooks. I recently spoke at the West Coast Writers Conference, and I'll be presenting a writers' workshop next month. I'll mention your website to those in attendance. It's good advertising for all of us."

"WOW how exciting, thank you so much for this opportunity. The ad looks great, links are working. I will try setting up your logo on my blog, and will be checking out your other ad offers."

"Found you on LinkedIn. Glad I did. Wonderful site. Great find for authors."
J. H. E.


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Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States
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Free Christian ("Biblical Gold")

Free Children ("Kidz World")

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Free Feature ("New Releases") Center-Fold

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