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"Innocence Denied"
by Mike Garrett

Book Description
Publication Date: February 21, 2019

A murder occurs in a prominent northern Arizona family . . .

Derrick Walton is on a mission to atone for his sins, putting his own life at risk to save a woman in distress.

Larissa Baxter is a gorgeous Arizona socialite who has always relied on her striking beauty to get what she wants. After being falsely arrested for murder and posting bail, however, she faces life in prison. On the run, she must do what, to her, is the unthinkable--de-emphasize her looks to appear as average as possible and avoid undue attention.

After their paths cross, their lives take an unlikely turn when, together, they live in isolation in Alabama, and Derrick realizes that the most important rescue of all still lies ahead--saving Larissa's soul.

JANUARY, 2019:


"God's Word My Guarantee"
by Richard Onebamoi

Book Description
Publication Date: December 25, 2018

In spite of man’s increase in scientific, medical and technological knowledge.

God’s Word stands out as the only remedy for human maladies and the principal instrument for man’s salvation.

God's Word “My Guarantee”: Unleashing the power of God's Word in Your Life, reveals the essence and importance of God’s Word as it relates to the believer in Christ. This book is a clear and concise book that illuminates the treasures of God’s promises with declarations of His will, purpose, and principles to man.

In this book, Dr. Richard Onebamoi shares that God’s Word serves as a catalyst that propels and enables us to function and fulfil our God-given destinies as we seek to advance God’s plans and purposes on the earth.

This book will help you understand that God's Word is an indispensable, comprehensive resource for equipping men and in turn making them competent in their service of God.

In God's Word My Guarantee: Unleashing The Power of God's Word in Your Life, you will discover

How to walk by Faith and Not by sight
How to hope against hope
How to live in the authority of God's Word
How to keep your thoughts aligned with God's Word
How to win the battle of containment

˃˃˃ God’s Word is an indispensable, comprehensive resource Dr. Richard Onebamoi, shares biblical insight on God's Word as the final arbiter and authority in all matters of life and how to God’s Word in moments of small and significant victories as well as in moments of despair unleashing the power of God's Word in your life. Discover God's Word My Guarantee, and you will live an extraordinary life today!

"Keys to the Captive Heart"
by Timothy Michael Hurst

Book Description
Publication Date: December 15, 2018

With the Empire of Chōl bent on their destruction, the Etom of Endego and their newfound allies brace for the enemy's assault. Against an army of such colossal foes, how might the tiny creatures possibly stand a chance?

Meanwhile, events set in motion during Company Jasper's daring escape from Sakkan lead Nat and his friends on a search for one the Eben'kayah thought lost long ago. Along their journey will they discover the Keys to the Captive Heart?

by Sheldon Peart

Book Description
Publication Date: December 11, 2018

Welcome to a peek into the lives of some devout Christians. Meet Clifford and Sandra Campbell, happily married for ten years, until Sandra 'gives her heart to Jesus,' and her body becomes the 'temple of the living God.'

Listen to the charismatic Pastor Gerald Panton, as he electrifies his congregation, and wrestles with his educated and outspoken wife, Catherine. The charming Timothy and Beatrice Henriquez, will impress you with their dogged determination, simplicity and piety. And you may like, or even dislike the uncompromising Deacon Barrington Duncan and his sophisticated wife, Cindy. But, Hector and Jasmine Blackstock, will serve you a treat you'll never forget.

When deep spiritual thoughts heighten Clifford Campbell's search for the path to heaven, he is raptured in a startling vision. But Clifford's wife, Sandra, and some Christian stalwarts from Earth, are missing from the heavenly throng. What will Heaven's Open Book divulge?

The revelations are instantaneous, detailed, and shocking. But when the smoke clears, Heaven's Open Book, is a blessing in disguise.


"Poetry to Heal and Soothe"
by Hannah George

Book Description
Publication Date: November 21, 2018

Consists of poems which reflect on a variety of common and relatable issues/struggles, we all encounter in life. Such as insecurity, fear, heartache, regret, loneliness, loss, etc.

"The Flood Of Mercy"
by Rose Ramandi

Book Description
Publication Date: November 17, 2018

Have you ever made a mistake that you wished you had not made? Have you been in a situation when no one could help? Have you been struggling and wanting to conquer? Well, I have great news for you! You, my friend, are fully and completely qualified for God's Mercy!

The Mercy of God has the power to raise you above your circumstance and help you to conquer. His Mercy is designed to resolve, remove and even reverse the consequences of your mistakes, so that you never again become the victim of your imperfection.

When no one and nothing is able to help, Mercy can!

Through the in depth teachings of scripture, this book will take its readers into a powerful understanding of "Mercy" and its relation to the blood of Jesus. His blood, which cries out Mercy for us, brings a conviction of His power into our hearts, and offers us His body to put on and be clothed. He does this for us so that we never become slaves of fear, but instead, being FREE FROM FEAR, become bound to God's LOVE; never hiding behind our works, but running to Him in full assurance of heart, knowing that His Mercy is His power shown to the weak and helpless when it is needed.

***** This book gives you tools and understanding, about what you need, to overcome your life's most challenging struggles.

***** It reveals a deeper understanding about God's Mercy in your day to day life, so that you can reach your goals and make lasting change to live the best life.

***** The whole purpose of this book is to help to reveal, and give you a missing key to use, to conquer and live a victorious life.

***** By reading this book you should expect to receive many revelations such as the mystery of death and resurrection of Jesus as well as the power in His blood.

***** If you're going through a rough time or battling doubts or unbelief, this is a must-read book for you.

We all have grown up in a world that lives by the reliance upon one's own ability. We have learned to suffer from the consequences of our mistakes. For generations, this way of living has brought fear to mankind, leaving those who are chosen to live as kings, feeling as though their destiny is to instead live as a beggar, in the dirt upon the ground.

God's Mercy is designed to make the impossible possible, because it comes out of the compassionate heart of God. The compassion in His heart moves Him to take an action which brings a help and, in turn, removes your struggles.

This book will enlighten the hearts of its readers with knowledge and understanding about why and how each of us can truly rely on God's Mercy, whenever we are unable to help ourselves. His MERCY is the place where He comes to us like a FLOOD, so that we can experience His COMFORT.

This book will provide a deeper understanding about:

** The everlasting covenant of Mercy

** The power of Mercy in everyday life

** The reason God shows Mercy

** The ways Mercy can be received

** The relation of Mercy with the blood of Jesus

** The effective working of the blood of Jesus

** Mercy as a food that gives life daily

** The help of Mercy in the storms of life


Rose Ramandi was born in a Muslim family. Not seeing any purpose in life, Rose and her husband, Masoud Ramandi, began reading the Bible in the hope of finding the truth. Through multiple encounters, Jesus Christ revealed Himself to them.
The love for the word of God drew them to spend numerous hours growing in the revelation of Jesus Christ which now they share, teach and impart as they minister to the body of Christ.

Rose's greatest joy is to know Jesus Christ, specially through the biblical truth and make Him known to everyone. She brings a fresh wind of revelation and has a heart for everyone to grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through fellowship and intimacy with His Word and Spirit so all can walk to fulfill His purpose in their lives.

Visit Author's website:

"Christmas Open House!"
by L.S. Childe

Book Description
Publication Date: November 17, 2017

Inspire your family, small group, Sunday School class, and journaling/personal reflection times with this fun and funny collection of Advent devotions. Centered around epic childhood memories of one family's Christmas traditions in Indiana, these 25 Christmas devotional stories combine warmth, nostalgia, and a generous dose of Christmas spirit to connect our hearts with what really Christmas and beyond!

Each entry features:

+ A Reading/Story of the Day
+ Questions for Discussion and/or Reflection
+ Bible Verses to Enhance and Guide Discussion
+ Featured Recipe-of-the-Day from the Real-Life Christmas Open House!

"An Elf on the Grandmother Clock...
Christmas Open House is a masterpiece of nostalgia, mixed with loving amounts of gentle humor, recollections of dear, amusing relatives, and wisdom about what is always universally important in family life. Reading it gave me the feeling of opening an old, forgotten but still fragrant cedar chest filled with precious artifacts of a shared history, welcomed lovingly into the light of our rather frantic, present world of impersonal electronic communication and worship of speed for its own sake. The very sensory memories of the author take the reader back to a gentler, more innocent time, perhaps a time many of us will embrace once again as something as important as food and oxygen. Read, laugh, cry, remember, and enjoy this marvelous little book as something precious to be shared." -John Bolinger, author of Come September: Journey of a High School Teacher and All My Lazy Rivers: An Indiana Childhood

"Time to Stop Running"
by John Fitzgerald

Book Description
Publication Date: November 13, 2018

Time to Stop Running is a fantasy for all ages: Light battles darkness in a magical showdown. Bullies run scared...hunters become the hunted!

In this spine-tingling adventure, Tipsy the Hare takes on his deadliest foe. A terrifying challenge awaits him in the Land of the Humaniks.

For Tipsy, a hare living on an offshore island, life is good, if not always wonderful: The winter months are tough...hares squabble among themselves as all creatures do ...over food, love, ruffled egos. And there's the falcon that hovers high above and occasionally swoops to snatch a leveret (baby hare) from the world of the living.

Tipsy is no ordinary hare. From birth he has been gifted with psychic powers, including the ability to converse with other species and outrun all other hares.

The seasons come and go, and the hares get on with their lives. But danger looms across the ocean, on the Big Island that is visible some days from the beach or cliff-top. From that fearful land boats arrive at dawn in the season of the fallen leaves.

From the moment the Humaniks splash ashore nothing is the same again. The invaders are members of Ballycrossways Coursing Club, who aim to capture as many hares as they can for their live baiting fixture back on Broc Peninsula.

The invasion leaves the island hares devastated and terrified. Their spiritual leader, the revered Golden Hare, summons Tipsy to his cave. He has a mission for him that will, if successful, deliver from persecution the hares of both his own island home and the ones who dwell on the Big Island across the sea. And Tipsy is told by the Great One that a Humanik female will assist him in his mission.

A riveting page-turner, Time to Stop Running is an impassioned plea on behalf of an animal that threatens no-one and yet must bear the brunt of man's inhumanity. If Watership Down was a PR boost for rabbits, here's an equally deserved accolade to the gentle hare.

This is a book of life, love, and liberation. You'll not be released from its enchanting grip until you reach The End....

"The Rise of the Antichrist"
by Lowell B Hudson

Book Description
Publication Date: November 10, 2018

Does the idea of Biblical Prophecy seem ... well, laughingly absurd, galactically improbable?

Good! It's supposed to seem that way.

In fact, for Biblical prophecy to work properly, its readers have to be highly skeptical. Biblical prophecy requires, even promotes uber-skepticism at times to evoke the intended response in its readers. The credibility of its message, that its words were authored by God, gains increased potency as the highly improbable happens again and again.

When the absurdly improbable actually occurs, over and over, in documented, historically verifiable situations, our fundamental assumptions are challenged. We are confronted with the possibility that, on a truly foundational level, everything we thought we knew may really be wrong or radically incomplete.

That's what Biblical prophecy is about on a macro level. That's its big idea.

Biblical prophecies also seek to warn about particularly important slices of future history. Not because that future can be changed, but so it can be met with integrity and intact faith.

This book is obviously focused on those Biblical prophecies involving the Antichrist's rise to power. By using careful time honored traditional methods of Biblical investigation, we'll have a serious and sober look at what the Scriptures really say about this future world ruler. There are also some new discoveries that many would find surprising, even shocking.

Now, that's a lot to swallow all at once. That the future is knowable on some level, and that it's going to be so horrible. Why would anyone want to believe this could happen? Deep down, I don't want to believe it. It's so much easier to reject it, than to allow it to threaten your whole frame of reference. That tug of war, that vague unease, that's supposed to happen too.

It's Biblical prophecy doing its thing.

It takes a lot of guts to consider ideas that have the power to explode your comfortable world view.

As you read, remember, it's ok to be skeptical. It's absolutely required for a healthy mind. But resist the awful temptation to reject out-of-hand. Aside from being an addictive and lazy habit, it just may deprive you someday of knowing that wonderful excruciating panic of having your mind blown open.

"The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion:The Big Catch!"
by D.K. Ogans

Book Description
Publication Date: November 3, 2018

This is the second book in "The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion" series. Eliza, Faith, and Daniel, the time traveling smart teens are off on another adventure to the Enchanting Legends. In Book 1 they visited "The Young King". This time they visit a runaway prophet who decided to disobey God's direction and plans for his life. He soon realizes there is no place you can go to hide or getaway from God. The earth is the LORD's, and the fullness thereof; the world, and them that dwell therein. God will use whomever and whatever he wants to accomplish His plan.

Here in The Big Catch! Cousin Eva also goes on an adventure. Little did Eva know that once she passed the safari park and entered the woods she would be in much danger. She was totally unaware the imps were all about, just waiting for the chance to release their autobats. They would capture her or anyone else that they could and take them deeper into the dense woods. They knew that Eliza, Faith & Daniel were time travelers. They did not like it at all.

The imps knew that they were different than most people. They knew that they could soar fast. This made them hard to catch. So, they waited hoping that one day they could somehow capture them. They did not like the fact that they were faster and smarter than they were. They also did not like all the good things they did, because they were children of the Light and the imps were of darkness. But Eva was not aware of the imps. All she knew that she was not to ever go into or even near the forest.

The smart teens continue to witness the truths and principles from the Book of I AM as they unfold before their very eyes.

OCTOBER, 2018:

"Losing the Boomer Blues"
by Mary Lanza

Book Description
Publication Date: October 25, 2018

Losing the Boomer Blues is the story of three old friends revisiting and reconciling their past by bonding through the serendipitous discovery of vintage sunglasses. They relive and remember the '60s leading up to and including their 50th-year high school class reunion.

Through their reflections and memories, they release their fears of aging and watching everything around them change with time, as they graciously learn to embrace the 'now'.

"Mom and Dad are strange 2"
by Boris Marvel

Book Description
Publication Date: October 18, 2018

Mom and Dad are strange 2 continues to tell how differently children and adults see and hear everything around them. It must be so, because adult world and children world are completely different. But to exist well in both worlds, it is necessary to understand each other very well.

by Victoria Pitts-Caine

Book Description
Publication Date: October 9, 2018

Running from a life of poverty, 16 year old Cotton Ramsey escapes the Savannah River bottomland to New York. Twenty years later, she has changed her name and runs a large pharmaceutical company, which belonged to the family of her late husband. When Beau Simpson, her first love, arrives to deliver the news of her daddy's untimely death, the life she struggled to leave behind calls her home.

"Cowboys, Cattle, and Cutthroats"
by Gini Rifkin

Book Description
Publication Date: October 8, 2018

Ochessa is heartbroken when she finds her brother fatally wounded. His dying words are about a childhood puzzle box, missing legal documents, and a drifter named Nicodemus Breedlove. Ochessa vows to find Will's murderer---and the man Will described.

No stranger to trouble, Nic's only concerns are his Stetson, his mule Sadie, and a long awaited chance at retribution. After gaining Ochessa's trust, and taking the job she offers, life gets more complicated.

Back on the ranch in Colorado, Ochessa works as hard as any man. Then Nick tempts her into playing even harder as a woman---both are consumed by their growing love for one another. Weathering a stampede, a gully washer, and a pack of outlaws, they locate the killer. As Nic's quest for justice, and Ochessa's vendetta for Will playout, bullets fly... Not everybody's gonna make it out alive.


"Finding Her Heart"
by Donna Wittlif

Book Description
Publication Date: September 13, 2018

"Only True Love Can Help Allison Conquer Asperger's and Loneliness. Can She Find it?"

Most people, at one time or another, have been knocked to their knees by loneliness. But Allison is lonely all the time, and it doesn't help that she has to grow up with her Uncle Deb and Aunt Harriet in the woods where only the animals are her friends. The school counselor says she has Asperger's Syndrome.

Allison buries herself in her art. Desperate to escape her isolation in a small town, she leaves for college in Denver. She believes she will become a famous artist and find the love of her life. But life doesn’t happen as she planned, and she finds herself homeless.

Then she meets David, whose blue eyes and kindness make her heart sing. He cares for her and woos her. She fits so nicely into his family and longs to be his wife. Does he love her, or does he have a dark secret that will dash all her hopes?

Is life as simple as finding love? Or are there other lessons one must learn? Follow Allison as life takes her from bad to good, from hopelessness to hope, and learn how she finds true happiness and love. A must read for anyone who is lonely and looking for love.

Fans of The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, The Hideaway by Lauren K. Denton, Timeless Moments by Michelle Kidd, and The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers will especially love this series about finding love and redemption.

You will love this Young Adult Romance Novel if you enjoy:

Religious fiction

Christian romance

Christian love stories

Family sagas about romantic love and finding God's love

"The Amazing Book Of Riddles"
by Smart Martel

Book Description
Publication Date: September 10, 2018

Riddles, undoubtedly, are a form of art. In most traditional societies, they are regarded as elegant tools to communicate a lot of meaning with just few words; and they play an important role in the traditions of their speech and conversation. Riddles take various forms. While some are simple and brief, some are made to be complicated and tough.

While some riddles are based on observations of nature, some are intelligently 'artificially crafted'.

In everything, riddles are among the best healthy ways to exercise the brain and the mind. They are used mainly for entertainment and stimulating thinking.

A listener/reader is expected to comprehend first, and then guess the answer to a question or the meaning of the statement.

Some riddles are not presented as questions quite all right, but as true statements of something that should be catched, interpreted and located in its proper context.

Riddles are stuffs that can actually create successful persons. How is this possible? Simply because, successful people mostly have something in common: Ability to solve problems.

Riddles helps train the mind to solve problems. And when you have that consciousness in you, you tend to carry it to other facets of life - and it helps a lot!

And as you do the things successful people does (solving problems), then you can boldly say "I am fast becoming a successful person", or "I am a successful person already"

After spending a whole lot of time searching across various sources, this book was birthed. The riddles and brain teasers in this book are very much diverse and challenging (though not hard).

You just have to think (and learn!)

I am so delighted to have complied this amazing collection of riddles and I trust you will enjoy this book. I trust you will be inspired to become a much better person who will be with a superb ability to think outside the box, and who will solve some of the world's problems to become a celebrated individual, both in this generation and in the ones to come.

So, here we go. Ensure you have fun with the riddles, and ensure you buy copies for your family, friends and loved ones.

I believe books of this sort are some of the best gifts for loved ones. Things that add value to your loved ones are what you should prioritise. When they get better, you will also benefit from it one way or the other.

The answers to each riddle are intentionally kept at the bottom side of this book to prevent you from yielding to the urge of bailing yourself out with a 'quick peep'.

So, think, learn and have fun!

"Your Bitcoin Smartphone App Money-Spinner"
by Sunday Martel

Book Description
Publication Date: September 7, 2018

The information you are about to read is something that can actually change your fortunes in the twinkling of an eye!

This is because, cryptocurrencies have actually changed the lives of so many people from various parts of the world. You know, you are with 1000 coins worth $0.20 each today, and the following month, the value of each coin have skyrocketed to $100, or even $500!

You can imagine that!

And so, I'm going to take you through a journey of how you can earn free cryptocurrencies with a smartphone app, without having to invest a dime (except of course, your data)

You are paid to interact with people, to make posts, comments on people's posts, etc (just like you do on facebook, twitter, etc)

When you earn your coin, you are being paid each day, you can decide to sell them immediately (as it's already been listed on exchange sites), or hoard them till they further increase in value (like bitcoin did). You can even choose to convert them to other coins, including Bitcoin, if you want.

"12 Important Basics for Living and Growing as a Christian"
by Dana Bratton

Book Description
Publication Date: September 6, 2018

This is a good handbook for all Christians but is especially suited for discipleship of new believers. It covers twelve important basics: To help the reader to be confident of salvation, to be a student of the Bible, a prayer warrior, active in church, happily married, victorious over sin, filled with the Holy Spirit, loving and forgiving others, a good and generous steward, a humble servant, and increasingly more like Jesus. The book includes an overview of the Bible with Scripture in the text alternating between the ESV and NASB translations.

AUGUST, 2018:

"Mom and Dad are strange"
by Boris Marvel

Book Description
Publication Date: August 28, 2018

Moms and dads are adults and, so, smart. They think so. They think they know how we, children, think. They are often mistaken. Moms and dads say that people learn from mistakes. And that is why we wrote stories about how we, children, learn from Mom and Dad "live right". And there we also tell you what we think about, how we look at everything by our own eyes and see the World differently than our Mom and Dad.

And it has turned out so, that moms and dads live in adult World, and we in children World. And if you connect them, you will get one fun Circle, and this Circle is Family. And if you paint the Circle, it turns out that it is different every day, like our stories. Come to visit us!!!

"The Adventures of Mary Nobleman"
by J.T. Joseph

Book Description
Publication Date: August 7, 2018

In the year 2020, Mary Nobleman is an average thirteen-year-old girl until one night she falls through the floor of her house and discovers a secret room in her family's basement that is filled with artifacts. In the room, she discovers a journal, the famous Excalibur, and an Egyptian Amulet. She also finds a hidden tunnel leading to a river. Mary travels with her friend Julie and a Celtic fairy in a submarine to Wales, which used to be called Camelot.

While Mary is on her journey, she learns that she is a descendant of the legendary King Arthur from a secret second marriage, and discovers some unique powers as well. In Camelot, she and her friends fight evil creatures and become imprisoned by a secret coven on top of a mountain! Can Mary defeat those seeking revenge on Arthur's bloodline? What truths do the rare relics hold? A story about friendships, family secrets, and adventures, readers are encouraged to think outside the box as they join Mary on her journey of self-discovery.

"I Am My Beloved's"
by Bobbye Marrs

Book Description
Publication Date: August 1, 2018

The past erased by evil. An unknown danger ready to strike. An enduring love to face the future.

Katherine Barton hides a secret pain and a forbidden relationship from her husband, pastor Dillan Barton. But when she finally decides to bare her soul, a vicious attack leaves her hospitalized with no memory of the madman who wants her dead. Or her husband.

After ten years of wedded bliss Dillan is still fiercely in love with his wife and believes they have the perfect marriage. But his reality is shattered the night Katherine is nearly killed when she's in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Katherine tries to piece together the clues from the past. Dillan wants to protect his wife from whatever evil targeted her. Can their love survive if she never gets her memory back? Will their marriage get a second chance before a deranged madman finds her and silences her forever?

JULY, 2018:

"Charmed Life"
by James Chapman

Book Description
Publication Date: July 30, 2018

This is a story that needs to be told, it is a real life personal memoir of this author's miraculous survival. He has managed to escape from an incredible twenty six brushes with death during his life. Read about the close to death events that have plagued his life and how through it all, he has remained positive and totally optimistic.

If you liked I Am, I Am, I Am by Maggie O'Farrell, then you will love this book too. A personal memoir of the many near-death experiences, that are demonstrating the fragility of life, and its preciousness.

"A Girl's Best Friend"
by Annalisa Russo

Book Description
Publication Date: July 29, 2018

Freelance writer Retta Delaney thinks she finally has it all: her dream job at Popular Magazine, a home of her own--- well, hers and the bank's--- and a sexy new neighbor, commercial artist Sam Parnetti. But their budding attraction is complicated when a fortune turns up via the mailman. Delivery of that small packet sets a terrifying clock in motion.

Their romance might have to take a back seat to stay one step ahead of danger as the past snakes out, elusive and sinister, to threaten everyone connected to the package. A long-hidden family secret spirals to an unavoidable reality, complicating the growing affection between Retta and Sam. The couple, with a group of close friends, must put personal agendas aside to form an alliance against a malevolent enemy and the elusive truth.

The winner takes all--- but it's hard to get answers when all the suspects are dead.

"Finding Billie"
by Priscilla Brown

Book Description
Publication Date: July 25, 2018

For mechanic Billie, fixing cars is easier than fixing her love life. She runs her successful business, raises a teenage boy, and has a loving family, but she's missing a special someone. When childhood friend Zac, whose family secretly left town years ago, calls into her service station by chance, they're astonished to come across each other.

A freelance photographer, Zac shocks himself with the sudden need to stay a while in this small historic country town and get to know Billie again. Working together to deal with the alarming unsympathetic redevelopment of the town including loss of her business, they are concerned when related evidence surfaces of an unsavory clandestine past association between their families.

Their friendship blossoms; for Zac, struggling to cope after a personal tragedy, warm-hearted Billie is easy to talk to, but he cannot let himself love her. Billie is unsettled to find her long-mislaid hormones leaping into life, but dare she risk loving someone carrying so much baggage? Can Zac allow Billie to help him heal?

If you loved Sally Thorne in 99 Percent Mine, you'll fall madly in love with Priscilla Brown's Finding Billie.

"New Testament Expository Sermons Vol. 6 John"
by Dana Bratton

Book Description
Publication Date: July 24, 2018

This is the sixth volume in a series of New Testament expository sermons by Pastor Dana Bratton preached at Calvary Chapel at the Bridge in Phuket, Thailand. Useful for devotional study, sermons, and Bible studies. Lots of simple practical explanation and application. This is an evangelistic exposition verse by verse study of the gospel of John with the ESV scripture alternating with NASB scripture included in the text followed by commentary, includes quotations from William Barclay, J.C. Ryle, Chuck Smith, and Warren Wiersbe. I pray that the messages will be a blessing to you. I preach and teach to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry," to effect life change, to edify and encourage and to magnify the Lord. So that "every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord."

"Visions of Light and Shadow"
by Allison D. Reid

Book Description
Publication Date: July 23, 2018

It has been six months since Cailean's death, and Elowyn can't get his special clifftop in the mountains out of her thoughts... or her dreams. Something is drawing her there, despite the danger, and time is running out. The new spring growth is threatening to cover what's left of his foot trail forever, but getting there is going to be more challenging than she imagined, especially with the thieves still lurking along the mining road.

Morganne is having difficulties of her own. The monks are making plans to send the tomes away, Braeden's tax demands are increasing yet again, and Morganne's once prosperous shop has been noticeably empty. On top of that, the Kinship is getting ready to leave Minhaven---seemingly for good this time.

With political unrest building, and the Black Shrine still intact, Glak and Bane want the girls to go with them. Elowyn is eager to leave her sorrows behind, certain that Aviad is calling them to follow the road beyond Minhaven, but Morganne isn't so sure. She's not ready to abandon everything they know for an uncertain future, and Elowyn finds herself at a crossroads. Will she be able to convince Morganne that it's Aviad's voice she is hearing, or will she be forced to go on alone?

"Open with Your Broken"
by Dana Goodrum

Book Description
Publication Date: July 21, 2018

Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past, but it is impossible to fully receive God's grace if you struggle to forgive yourself for the things you cannot change. The past is the enemy's playground, full of decisions, mistakes, and sin we cannot do anything about. This often leaves us immobilized with feelings of shame, regret, and unworthiness. However, it doesn't have to be this way. Open With Your Broken walks readers through a journey of transparency like never before! Unveiling the schemes of the enemy, while explaining how shame and guilt can keep you from fully achieving God's purpose in your life, Dana Goodrum teaches readers awareness and effective strategies for victorious living.

By displaying the transforming power of His grace in our own lives, we remove bondage from our past and fuel our unique God-given purpose. This transparency is critical to the Kingdom now more than ever, as we face a pivotal faith crisis on two fronts: first, in the sleeping body of Christ---believers, the church, who are no longer fully committed to their walk or truly aware of the spiritual war raging around them; and secondly, in a generation of young people who are actively choosing to not pursue faith. Start this powerful journey to address the dual faith crisis, battle the enemy's strongholds, wake the sleeping body of Christ, and expand His glorious Kingdom.

"By Sword and Storm"
by Margaret Skea

Book Description
Publication Date: July 11, 2018

The eagerly awaited conclusion to the acclaimed Munro Scottish Saga trilogy

' ... fast-paced ... a hugely satisfying read.' Undiscovered Scotland.

1598. The French Wars of Religion are drawing to an end, the Edict of Nantes establishing religious freedom in all but Paris.

For the exiled Adam and Kate Munro, the child Kate carries symbolizes a new life free from past troubles, despite their lingering nostalgia for Scotland and the friendship of the Montgomeries.

When Adam foils an attempt on the French king's life the whole family are called to court. But religious tensions remain high, and Paris holds dangers as well as delights.

For the Munros and Montgomeries alike, these are troubled times ...

Praise for Margaret Skea --- Beryl Bainbridge Best First Time Novelist 2014

'More down-in-the-dirt than Diana Gabaldon and just as meticulously researched as Philippa Gregory. It's touching, fierce and surprising, with a sprinkling of humour.' The Bookbag

'A rollicking good read ... Skea is definitely a name to watch out for.' Scottish Field Magazine

'The quality of the writing and the research is outstanding.' Jeffrey Archer

'The sheer villainy of some characters will take your breath away.' Historical Novels Review

"The Vision"
by Chinenye Humphrey

Book Description
Publication Date: July 7, 2018

But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation... then let them that be in [the city] flee to the mountains. ---Jesus Christ (Mark 13:14, KJV)

In Sera Obi's apocalyptic world, telecommunications have been all but incapacitated, except for the government's newly-developed, invasive surveillance technology. While Sera prepares to flee her city to escape the increasingly anti-Christian legal system and to search for her missing family, a mysterious little girl shows up at her door. The child, Esther, speaks only in Bible verses---and she just might be the world's last hope to have the written Word restored.

With only a hand-drawn map to guide them, the girls set out on a 100-mile cross-country trek through the back-of-beyond forests, facing dangers at every turn. From assassins to wild animals, to a treacherous mountain path that could prove to be their final impasse, their perils are matched---and countered---only by the Scriptures the girls quote. As Ms. Obi discovers, it is no small thing staying the course, and no easy task remaining faithful to... The Vision.

In the style of John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, this novella symbolizes the spiritual journey that each of us must make in leaving the current system of things, the status-quo "church" included, and moving towards our Savior Jesus Christ on the outside of "the city walls" (Hebrews 13:13)---that is, outside the interests of this world---as the Great Tribulation approaches.

"Dating Nightmares in London"
by Danielle S. Larsson

Book Description
Publication Date: July 3, 2018

Dating in London might be easy for some women, but not for me. The guys I've dated have ranged from farters to addicts, from liars to slobs, from cheapskates to conspiracy theorists.

This ebook contains ten hilarious and horrific little stories about the nightmarish dates I've had as a woman in her late 20s searching for love in London. The next time you go on a bad date, rest assured that someone out there had a worse one---and that someone was me!

"A Song for Zipporah"
by David Harris

Book Description
Publication Date: July 1, 2018

Zipporah is the eldest daughter of Jethro, priest of Midian. She loves singing and has a voice that's absolutely hypnotic. She serves as counselor, confidant, beautician and sometimes surrogate mother. Carrying that weight upon shoulders she finds comfort through songs. She wants to one day leave Midian to marry the man of her dreams.

Then one night she is disturbed by a strange dream. It turned her whole world upside down. Now her dream will either become like her sweet song or her worse nightmare.

JUNE, 2018:

"New Testament Expository Sermons Vol. 5 Luke 14-24"
by Dana Bratton

Book Description
Publication Date: June 30, 2018

This the fifth volume in a series compiling New Testament expository sermons by Pastor Dana Bratton as preached at Calvary Chapel at the Bridge in Phuket, Thailand. Useful for devotional study, sermons, and Bible studies. Lots of simple practical explanation and application. This is an evangelistic exposition and verse by verse study of the gospel of Luke chapters 14-24 with the ESV scripture included in the text followed by commentary and there are quotations J. Vernon McGee, Chuck Smith, and Warren Wiersbe. I pray that the messages will be a blessing to you. We preach and teach to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry," to effect life change, to edify and encourage and to magnify the Lord. So that "every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord."

"New Testament Expository Sermons Vol. 3 Mark"
by Dana Bratton

Book Description
Publication Date: June 30, 2018

This the third volume in a series compiling New Testament expository sermons by Pastor Dana Bratton as preached at Calvary Chapel at the Bridge in Phuket, Thailand. Useful for devotional study, sermons, and Bible studies. Lots of simple practical explanation and application. This is an evangelistic exposition and verse by verse study of the gospel of Mark with the ESV or NASB scripture included in the text followed by commentary and there are quotations from William Barclay, David Guzik, J. Vernon McGee, J.C. Ryle, Chuck Smith, and Warren Wiersbe. I pray that the messages will be a blessing to you. We preach and teach to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry," to effect life change, to edify and encourage and to magnify the Lord. So that "every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord."

"New Testament Expository Sermons Vol. 1 Matthew 1-14"
by Dana Bratton

Book Description
Publication Date: June 28, 2018

This the first volume in a series compiling New Testament expository sermons by Pastor Dana Bratton as preached at Calvary Chapel at the Bridge in Phuket, Thailand. Useful for devotional study, sermons and Bible studies. Lots of simple practical explanation and application.

This is an evangelistic exposition and verse by verse study of the gospel of Matthew chapters 1-14 with the ESV or NASB scripture included in the text followed by commentary and there are quotations from David Guzik, John MacArthur,J. Vernon McGee, Chuck Smith, and Warren Wiersbe... I pray that the messages will be a blessing to you. We preach and teach to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry," to effect life change, to edify and encourage and to magnify the Lord. So that "every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord."

"New Testament Expository Sermons Vol. 2 Matthew 15-28"
by Dana Bratton

Book Description
Publication Date: June 28, 2018

These New Testament Expository Sermons are a compilation of 9 years pastoring Calvary Chapel at the Bridge. The expositional verse by verse studies are filled with practical explanation and application making it useful for daily Bible study devotions as well as a study guide for home Bible studies or ready to preach sermons. This is volume 2 in a 20-part series. It is an evangelistic exposition of the gospel of Matthew chapters 15-28.

I pray that the messages will be a blessing to you. We preach and teach to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry," to effect life change, to edify and encourage and to magnify the Lord. So that "every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord."

by Brenda Hurtado

Book Description
Publication Date: June 25, 2018

Discover the hidden secret of Garridan... Life couldn't get any better for Brianna, she's married to a loving husband, has four wonderful children, and a job she absolutely enjoys.

Everything begins suddenly changing, turning her happy world upside down, with one unfamiliar message received on her cell. A stranger claiming to know her unexpectedly takes her from the securities of her comfortable life into a spiraling nightmare. Relieving a nightmare of verbal and physical abuse from her own childhood, Brianna struggles to piece her life back together. While doing so, she unknowingly uncovers who this stranger is, and the hidden secrets that have been put to rest years ago from a hellish place called Garridan.

"New Testament Expository Sermons Vol. 4 Luke 1-13"
by Dana Bratton

Book Description
Publication Date: June 24, 2018

This the fourth volume in a series compiling New Testament expository sermons by Pastor Dana Bratton as preached at Calvary Chapel at the Bridge in Phuket, Thailand. Useful for devotional study, sermons and Bible studies. Lots of simple practical explanation and application. This is an exposition and verse by verse study of the gospel of Luke chapter 1-13 with the ESV scripture included in the text followed by commentary and there are quotations from Jon Courson, David Guzik, J. Vernon McGee, Chuck Smith, Warren Wiersbe and Ralph Wilson.

"Powerful Destiny"
by Tricia McGill

Book Description
Publication Date: June 21, 2018

It is 850AD and Norse warrior Rolf lands on the shores of East Anglia determined to take revenge on a Celtic clan. Following a fierce battle, where the Celts are savagely killed, Rolf comes face to face with the daughter of the slain Celtic leader. So stunned by the beauty, along with the courage of Brigid, he is convinced that his Three Fates of Destiny brought them together. Resolved to make this woman his own, he spares the lives of the captured Celtic women and children and takes them back to his homeland across the ocean.

Strangely drawn to the Norseman who is so sure they are destined to be together, Brigid must fight against succumbing to the wishes of the man who killed her father. Nevertheless, to save her fellow Celtic captives from slavery or worse, Brigid must keep a bargain with the Norse leader---a bargain that will see her tied to him forever.

In present day Cornwall, naturally shy Rolf shares his secluded lighthouse with his wolfhound. An artist, he delights in the rugged scenery and ever-changing weather. While in the nearest bookshop one day, he meets a newcomer to town. Brigid's unusual personality strikes a chord with him. Not only are both convinced they have met before, but their fascination for Viking and Celtic history forges an unusual bond between them. Outspoken and forthright, Brigid sets out to break down the barrier of reserve and caution Rolf has erected over the years. Is it simply whimsy or can lovers across centuries be reunited?

"Holy Moly"
by Jay Ross

Book Description
Publication Date: June 21, 2018

In the beginning God had a plan.
He said, "Let there be light!"...and the universe began.
These are the stories presented as poems.
Great for first timers...and if you already know 'em.
Holy Moly will teach you about Moses and David--
About humanity and how Jesus has saved it.
So read the good news--for the first (or thousandth) time.
Jesus is risen. Read about it in rhyme.

"Fairies, Myths, & Magic"
by Colleen M. Chesebro

Book Description
Publication Date: June 17, 2018

Step into a world where fairies, dragons, and other magical beings converge in a collection of poetry and short stories inspired by the celebration of Litha, the Summer Solstice.

Meet Drac, a dragon cursed by his own poisonous deeds, and two pixies who help an old man remember a lost love. You'll meet a pair of fairies with a sense of humor, and a young girl who fulfills her destiny after being struck by lightning. Learn what happens when a modern witch's spell goes terribly wrong. Meet the Sisters of the Fey, a group of Slavic Witches who sign a pact with the Rusalki Fey to preserve their magic for the good of all.

Atmospheric and haunting, the prose and poetry, will rewrite the mythologies of the past bringing them into the future.

"Homeschooling: You Can Do It!"
by Kirsten McTernan

Book Description
Publication Date: June 8, 2018

Do you like the idea of homeschooling but doubt your ability to do it? Are you curious about homeschooling but want to have an inside look into what is actually entailed before jumping in? Or are you currently homeschooling but feel desperate to have your days run smoother?

If you've ever felt like you're not patient enough, not organized enough, not creative enough to homeschool, or fear "messing up your kids" this book is for you.

Jam-packed with insightful, easy-to-digest homeschool content, this book will solve these quandaries and more.

Homeschooling: You CAN Do It! answers your burning homeschool questions while giving you practical help in a new and easy-to-implement way. It is a reliable and relatable source that will take you step-by-step through the decision-making process and show how you can successfully homeschool your child at any age. It's filled with tried-and-tested homeschool hacks, easy-to-follow action steps, personal stories, and valuable homeschool resources---all in a style that will speak straight to your heart. Prepare to make an informed decision that is best for your family, greatly enhance your experience as a home educator, and be empowered to live your homeschool adventure to the fullest!

MAY, 2018:

"Twisted Freedom"
by J. Grayland

Book Description
Publication Date: May 30, 2018

After battling to escape the hold of a brutal past, Doctor Casey Tyler found emotional freedom in an unlikely place, with an unlikely man, Nate King owner of King International Security not only saved her from a kidnapping but also from herself. With the tough walls broken down and a new found trust and love with Nate, Casey is ready for a new beginning as they slowly ease into a normal life together until... Casey receives a phone call from home.

Now having to return to Sydney Australia to face the man who destroyed her childhood, but this time with the strength of Nate by her side Casey is determined to put her past demons to rest once and for all. Only a trip for closure turns into more secrets and unearthed truths for Casey, turning her newly found freedom into something tangled and twisted in the horrors of her past.

by Alias InTown

Book Description
Publication Date: May 27, 2018

Book Synopsis

I was filled to the brim with anger that I was still alive. I was still here. I was still sick. I was still useless. I was still a burden. I was still without hope. I was still lost. I was still helpless. Still...

My story didn't end here. In fact today I say , "I am well." My memoir, Well, ?chronicles my journey toward healing. When I came home from treatment, I started pouring over old journals and found entries where I sought forgiveness, healing and deliverance. I gathered them up into a scrapbook. I also added original artwork telling my story through the end of a paintbrush. I dug through my blog, and gathered essays into the scrapbook too. I realized this scrapbook had become something. It had become a vulnerable and raw memoir telling a story of hope.

Depression and addiction are often taboo topics in the church. However, Christians are just as susceptible to depression and addiction as any other social group. Christians who suffer from these afflictions often don't seek help because of shame and fear of alienation. For a depressed Christian or a Christ follower with an addiction, seeking help feels like shining a spotlight into their spiritual life and highlighting a failure as a Christian.

There are many hurting Christians in desperate need of help, and it is common to feel like you have nowhere to turn. I am very passionate about this topic because I am one of those Christians. I live with depression, and I'm in recovery for addiction and attempted suicide. I also have a chronic illness. I pray daily that my story of survival can help someone survive as well.

by Irene Jane Holmes

Book Description
Publication Date: May 24, 2018

Explore the beach adventures with the boys, and their family experiences the thrill and fun when the boys dig into the ground and find different objects and playing with their family in the water and sand. One of the boys finds a treasure box and learns about sharing. Furthermore, see how Miracle helps save his family from the animals coming out of the sand. See how the kids react when they see animals on the beach and in the ocean. Therefore, learn about safety; about yourself and others when danger approaches. Go exploring under the sea and have a fun time as your child will laugh and smile. Experience the thrill and fun of the family having a great ocean vacation together on any adventure that comes upon them in this fun illustration picture book.

"Rooted - "The Unshakeable Christian""
by Sam Mann

Book Description
Publication Date: May 23, 2018

This book was written to challenge the Christian to understand the Gospel, what is expected of them and to become a full-fledged disciple who is relentless in their pursuit of creating more disciples. We have been apathetic for way too long and it is time for us to wake up and get to work.

But first, as Jesus did with His disciples, we need to understand how our life as Christians should look so as not to paint the wrong picture of Jesus to the world.

"The Revelations of the End of Times"
by J. Montalat

Book Description
Publication Date: May 11, 2018

The End of Times does not mean the end of the world (the world will not end). The End of Times is what is known in the Bible as "The Book of Revelations" or "Apocalypse of Saint John."

According to the author, the End of the Times officially began on December 1, 2017. We are right at the beginning when the prophesized and unusual increase in catastrophic events of nature occurs. Highlighting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

But apart from the disasters of nature that from 2018 will increase, we will witness three very significant spiritual events that we will experience in this order: a Warning, a Miracle and a Punishment.

The Warning will be 3 days of total darkness in which each person will see their own sins (a mini final judgment). From there on we can ask for forgiveness and change our attitudes. According to the predictions, this Warning has been postponed thanks to the intercession of the Virgin Mary, but it will happen.

Then there will come a Miracle that will leave "something" permanent that will be able to be seen by everyone, either physically because they visit the place where it is produced or by the photographs and filming of the media.

Then a punishment will come in the form of a kind of cataclysm (a natural phenomenon that appears in the dictionary and begins with the letter "a") that will cause many people to perish.

The book collects in chronological order the information that many people throughout history have written about the end of time, in addition to the prophets scattered across the five continents that currently receive messages from heaven.

As an example of the current messages that one of the prophets receives from the Virgin Mary, which will be able to follow thanks to the information that appears at the end of the book, on May 2, 2018 announced the eruption of the Kilauea volcano of Hawaii. And on May 16, 2018, he announced that "the great Yellowstone volcano will surprise man."

"Mildred Romancing the Odds"
by Toni Kief

Book Description
Publication Date: May 10, 2018

In the year since she was hired by the Ivory Winds Casino, Mildred Petrie's life has transformed. She may be over seventy, but Mildred isn't lying down any time soon. Her nights are filled with challenge and adventure, but there are even more changes to come.

"I Never Lied to You"
by Amanda Lake

Book Description
Publication Date: May 4, 2018

I Never Lied to You (well, almost) is a feel-good romantic comedy about one nerdy misfit and his creative sister who are trying to find love, sense and each other using their own peculiar ways. With unexpected twists and lots of laughs, this story is a truly hilarious joyride.

One confused adult nerd
His cheeky zany sister
Their toxic grandma
The pushy ex-girlfriend.
A mysterious woman that cannot be found

. . . and their totally hilarious story about love, astrology, cheating and one tiny box placed under a coconut tree.

Peter is a highly intelligent man who knows his priorities and has plans for everything. Or how his sister Barbara would put it "a nerdy skeptical control freak with android tendencies". When his girlfriend leaves him accusing him of being too stiff and dull, Peter accepts Barbara's challenge - to be guided for 30 days by her astrologer's "cosmic wisdom". Determined to prove each other wrong, no matter how crazy the things will get, they discover that not everything is what it seems, including themselves and their close ones.

APRIL, 2018:

"Deadly Icons"
by Chet A. kisiel

Book Description
Publication Date: April 21, 2018


Young sleuth Milton Lessing is sent to Cyprus to find the killer of his firm's local manager, the manager's uncle, and a precious stolen icon. Milton is no ordinary hero of crime stories. He is shorter than average, bespectacled, a scholar of human nature and criminology, but, as the son of a cop, he can handle himself. He combines high intelligence with moral probity and good taste, the rare combination of a true hero, which he will have to become before his ordeal is over.

On the plane, he meets Joe, who tells him his daughter Elena, an archaeologist, can help him find the icon.

Milton enters a world of villainy. His arrival causes panic among people who have everything to lose, including:

* the nosy company secretary,

* the scheming financial adviser of a Russian countess and her servants,

* a ruthless real estate mogul, whose empire is tottering,

* his Harvard-educated sales manager,

* the sexy wife of a local politician, whose affair would ruin her husband's career,

* The hidden Mr. Big, the brains behind the theft, who has a terrible secret,

* the master fence, an art professor in exile, and his brilliant female artist.

A cryptic character known as The Voice sends an assassin to kill Milton, and others entangled in various schemes, each separately plan to eliminate the nosy detective.

"Malicious Mischief"
by Cassidy Salem

Book Description
Publication Date: April 18, 2018

Social media, smoke bombs, and a secret society.

When a popular jock senses something's up with his younger sister, he turns to local teen sleuths, Hannah and Tamar, for help. At the same time, a rash of smoke bombs attacks across Rosedale has the community on edge. Are these events connected and could someone at Rosedale High be involved?

Join Hannah and Tamar as they uncover malicious mischief and forge new friendships in this mystery for teens and young adults.

"Class Act"
by Priscilla Brown

Book Description
Publication Date: April 16, 2018

Single and sick of it, Gina is looking for a decent long-term relationship in this city new to her. She's headhunted for deputy at an international business college, and her new workaholic boss couldn't possibly meet her exacting criteria. Especially as they have a history: she recalls them at high school together, their fierce competition in class and in the swimming pool, arguments alongside a budding attraction.

Tragedies at age seventeen means they lose touch; she believes he holds a secret to do with her family that she has a right to know. He worries whether he can, or should, keep this secret while working with her. She worries that what he could tell her may be too upsetting. Meanwhile, at work she clashes with him over his autocratic management style, while undercurrents of their old rivalry surge between them. Are they now mature enough to cope with each other? And can they maintain the barrier between the professional and the personal?

"Apocalypse 2027"
by Peter Jensen

Book Description
Publication Date: April 8, 2018

PREVIOUSLY #1 BESTSELLER IN CHRISTIAN PROPHECY! If you found a lot of prophecy books in the past underwhelming, then fasten your seat belts for a substantially different book that will actually tell you all you need to know for the next ten years. For this is the Daniel 12:9 generation.

Most Christians believe that the Antichrist to come will be the leader of the shrinking European Union or a Caliph from the Middle East. But neither of these are TRUE and you shouldn't be surprised.

In Apocalypse 2027: Antichrist Unmasked, you'll learn:

How the Antichrist's connection to the whole of Humanity is developing over the next decade, his real identity and the never-before revealed meaning of 666, before he arrives !

How the revealed meaning of the Antichrist Code shows that God knew what Man would attempt to do at the End of Time, from the Beginning of Time !

Maps of the Middle East and the most likely regions of the Ten horns from a meeting that preceded even the European Union that will show you in which of the Ten "Districts" or "Kingdoms" You and your family will reside, that will make any dystopian fictional novel look like a kindergarten story next to the Bible's own startling prophecies

How World War 3 will be the global entry mat for the Antichrist and wars will occur but the end is not yet (Matt 24:6)

How Isaiah saw progressive women leading the US, Israel and elsewhere in 2024 and why Godly women in power are KEY to humanity's future in the next decade

How the Antichrist will use two specific futuristic technologies that are already here to force humanity into his kingdom

How the Antichrist will finally make peace between Israel and the Arabs in painstakingly clear details and WHY this will happen, inevitably!

How the Antichrist will create a new system of government that humanity has never tried since the Creation and why this new government will be unavoidable!

And more amazingly, how God has been warning us ahead of these coming events since the 1990s by marking global "forerunner" events on successive Christmases !

Learn these and much, much more - Updated meanings of the Beast, Seven Kings, Two-horned lamb, Mystery Babylon and more for the very first time in this groundbreaking book. The Bible promises that as a believer you will be able to see these new events unfold ahead of their coming. You will never find a single book that tells you ALL of this TODAY! But the main question is - Will you be ready ?

"Just for Girlfriends!!"
by Angie Dent

Book Description
Publication Date: April 4, 2018

Just for Girlfriends highlights true strength and beauty of all Christian women! This book is full of short, uplifting and entertaining stories for women, about women.

This book is for women of all ages, walks of life, in all stages of life.

Relatable poetic stories taken from real life experiences and relationships take readers on powerful, refreshing journeys of faith!

Through these stories, characters face many situations that are important to women. These characters bring stories to life!

Just for Girlfriends is a whirlwind ride full of love, hope, drama and second chances! Hop on and take a ride! "Contains a helpful discussion guide for reading groups."

MARCH, 2018:

"Lucy the Talented Toy Terrier"
by Janice Spina

Book Description
Publication Date: March 18, 2018

This book is based on my dog, Lucy, who I had for 16 years. She was quite a character and did all the things that are in this book.

She loved my spaghetti with homemade sauce, watched TV shows featuring animals, hated baths, "sang" when music was played, and had two cherished possessions, a knotted rag and a ball.

I hope you will enjoy reading about Lucy. She is no longer with us and can never be replaced.

"Coal Hollow An Echo in the Abyss"
by Cher Duncombe

Book Description
Publication Date: March 14, 2018

Caroline Davis has been a Private Investigator for several years when she decided to attend a conference for P.I.s to find new computer applications used by others in the field. Not a gregarious person, she forced herself to attend for positive networking.

At the conference, she is approach by Joel Foster, another Private Investigator. Joel tells Caroline that their mutual friend and mentor, Jim Dublin, has a case on which he wants her to collaborate. The cold case involves a missing child named Gracie, missing for three years. Jim felt that, as a team and utilizing their investigative experience, they might be able to find this child.

As with many investigations, the case spiders into dangerous realms and puts both investigators in danger. They wind up in a desolate mining town of Pennsylvania. While the scenery is beautiful, the secrets they uncover are dark. Evil lurks in many places, and Caroline Davis is certain that it lives in this town.

by J.E. Spina

Book Description
Publication Date: March 14, 2018

This book begins where the first book, Hunting Mariah, left off. This suspense/thriller/crime novel will keep you turning pages as the tension grows. There will be twists and turns and some surprises. Many of the same characters will be in play to give support and encouragement to Mariah along the way.

A new man comes into Mariah's life that reminds her of someone she wants to forget. He threatens to bring back the horrors that she and her family once endured. While the one she wants to forget suffers from a horrendous attack that puts his life in jeopardy.

Mariah must draw on her strength and resilience to survive danger at every turn. How much more can Mariah endure? How far will Mariah go to protect her family?

by Zora Marie

Book Description
Publication Date: March 11, 2018

A dark heritage buried deep.
Powers beyond her control.
A fate beyond imagining.

Raised by elves, the true secret of her heritage is hidden from her until the day she discovers she is nothing more than a weapon to be wielded by the will of the elder mages. Fighting against her fate, fearful of how her powers unleash themselves to harm friend and foe alike, Zelia seeks only to be free to live without bringing danger to those she loves.


"Who Are You?"
by BM Coaker

Book Description
Publication Date: 28 Feb. 2018

Who Are You? is a thought-provoking foray into the many-faceted issues surrounding the growing trend toward transhumanism. Why, as Christians, should we be wary of what transhumanism offers? To start with, we need to look at our origins. Did we evolve? Were we created? The answers we give to these questions are the basis of our worldview and how we respond to transhumanism.

An equally important question is, Do we believe and trust the Word of God? Many people have a picture in their minds regarding Jesus Christ. The real Jesus can only be found in the pages from Genesis to Revelation. We need a picture of this Jesus in order to address the issues of transhumanism.

I hope that this book will take you along the first few steps of the journey.

"Top Secrets to Blissful Marriage"
by Samuel A. Nangole

Book Description
Publication Date: February 27, 2018

Top Secrets to Blissful Marriage is a book that talks about establishing a healthy marriage relationship in simple and concise terms. In Top Secrets to Blissful Marriage we learn the basics that lead to a healthy union beginning with the choice of a spouse. Choice of spouse is a basic that would determine whether a marriage would succeed or fail. This is predicated first on character of prospective spouse and then also on the wealth, values and attitudes of the family where our spouse comes from. Knowledge and understanding of background will help adjust in case of a couple that is already married or to help make a good choice for those planning to get married.

In Top Secrets to Blissful Marriage we also see the place of sex in marriage. Sex is like an engine in a marriage. If the engine is in good condition a vehicle would move. But if there is a fault in an engine, then there is no movement. When the sex life of a marriage is not happy, then sooner or later, the marriage would be on the rocks. I have explained the different types of couples based on attitude towards sex. I have also explained a simple and homemade solution to premature ejaculation.

Thirdly, in Top Secrets to Blissful Marriage, I have explained the aspect of God in a blissful union. Many a times marriage suffers because the couple are simply not fighting the spiritual forces that are attacking their union. I have expounded on the ways of fighting in the spirit to ensure that a marriage stays intact according to the word of God.

In Top Secrets to Blissful Marriage we also see other important aspects of marriage like keeping track of your finances, being a good parent to the kids, legal aspects of a marriage, communicating effectively and landmines to avoid in communication.

The purpose of this book is to offer an objective and verifiable way of establishing a marriage that is unbreakable and full of passion. The secrets offered in this book are practical in that they can be implemented whether a couple is wealthy or poor. The secrets will also work regardless of whether one comes from a developed or poor country.

I welcome you to go through this book and try out at least two of the ideas suggested in the book and see if your marriage would not change.

"German Prisoners of War"
by Jeffrey E. Geiger

Book Description
Publication Date: February 24, 2018

In 1943, the first great wave of Hitler's soldiers came to America, not as goose-stepping conquering heroes, but as prisoners of war. By the time World War II ended in 1945, more than six hundred German POW camps had sprung up across America holding a total of 371,683 POWs. One of these camps was established at the U.S. Army's training installation Camp Cooke on June 16, 1944.

The POW base camp at Cooke operated sixteen branch camps in six of California's fifty-eight counties and is today the site of Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara County. Compared to other prisoner of war camps in California, Camp Cooke generally held the largest number of German POWs and operated the most branch camps in the state.

A large number of the prisoners were from Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps, as well as from other military formations. Under the terms of the Geneva Convention, the prisoners received comfortable quarters and excellent care. They filled critical wartime labor shortages inside the main Army post at Cooke and in the outlying civilian communities, performing agricultural work for which they were paid. On weekends and evenings, they enjoyed many recreational entertainment and educational opportunities available to them in the camp. For many POWs, the American experience helped reshape their worldview and gave them a profound appreciation of American democracy.

This book follows the military experiences of fourteen German soldiers who were captured during the campaigns in North Africa and Europe and then sat out the remainder of the war as POWs in California. It is a firsthand account of life as a POW at Camp Cooke and the lasting impression it had on the prisoners.

About the Author: Jeffrey E. Geiger is the retired chief civilian historian from Vandenberg Air Force Base, formerly Camp Cooke. He is the author of "Camp Cooke and Vandenberg Air Force Base, 1941-1966" and has published articles on historical topics in several magazines and newspapers. For information about purchasing new autographed copies of his books, please contact him at

"One Way or Another"
by Mary J. Williams

Book Description
Publication Date: February 22, 2018

She'll give him her body. But can she trust him not to break her heart into a million pieces? One Woman. One Man. One Unforgettable Love Story.

~ ~ ~

Calder Benedict worked hard to earn her place in the New York City charity community. At first, she was labeled nothing more than a rich girl with too much time on her hands. From the ground up, she built Erica's Angels into a successful multi-million dollar organization. Her only goal---to help as many people as humanly possible.

Unlike Calder, Adam Stone wasn't born rich. Everything he had, he earned. While over the years, he'd acquired a certain amount of polish, his blood would always be working class red---not high society blue like Calder's.

What starts out as fun and games---an undeniable attraction neither wants to ignore---quickly turns into something more. Calder wants to believe Adam cares about her---not her money---but she's been burned before. Can she trust her heart? Can she trust Adam?

When a dangerous force comes after everything Calder holds dear, she'll have to decide if Adam is part of the threat, or someone she never thought she'd find---the love of her life.

~ ~ ~

From the outside, the world of the ultra-rich might seem exciting and glamorous. But Calder, Bryce, Andi, and Destry Benedict know the truth. Deception and deceit have followed them since birth. Their parents are emotional train wrecks. Men care about nothing but their money.

The Benedict sisters learned early on---the only people they can count on are each other. One by one, four sexy, determined men will do their best to prove them wrong.

Grab this emotionally charged novel today.
She'll give him her body. But can she trust him not to break her heart into a million pieces?
One Woman. One Man. One Unforgettable Love Story.

~ ~ ~

Calder Benedict worked hard to earn her place in the New York City charity community. At first, she was labeled nothing more than a rich girl with too much time on her hands. From the ground up, she built Erica's Angels into a successful multi-million dollar organization. Her only goal---to help as many people as humanly possible.

Unlike Calder, Adam Stone wasn't born rich. Everything he had, he earned. While over the years, he'd acquired a certain amount of polish, his blood would always be working class red---not high society blue like Calder's.

What starts out as fun and games---an undeniable attraction neither wants to ignore---quickly turns into something more. Calder wants to believe Adam cares about her---not her money---but she's been burned before. Can she trust her heart? Can she trust Adam?

When a dangerous force comes after everything Calder holds dear, she'll have to decide if Adam is part of the threat, or someone she never thought she'd find—the love of her life.

~ ~ ~

From the outside, the world of the ultra-rich might seem exciting and glamorous. But Calder, Bryce, Andi, and Destry Benedict know the truth. Deception and deceit have followed them since birth. Their parents are emotional train wrecks. Men care about nothing but their money.

The Benedict sisters learned early on---the only people they can count on are each other. One by one, four sexy, determined men will do their best to prove them wrong.

Grab this emotionally charged novel today.

"From the Pastor's Pen"
by Samuel G. May

Book Description
Publication Date: February 19, 2018

In the midst of an ever-changing world, there is one thing that never changesthe Word of God. As you travel on this journey called life, its good to have that constant from day to day. But even still, many of us could use a way to keep the constant and loving message of God ever closer to our hearts.

From the Pastors Pen is a daily companion for you on your journey. This devotional journal includes not only a daily devotional but also a space for you to write down your thoughts. For each day, you will find a passage of scripture along with author and pastor Samuel G. Mays commentary and reflections related to those verses, and while the devotionals do not follow any particular pattern, you will discover how they reflect the variations in the tapestry of life. So whether you are dealing with hardships or just need daily spiritual bread and nourishment, you can chronicle your walk in faith no matter the circumstances.

Once completed, your own copy of From the Pastors Pen will stand as a unique volume that reflects this chapter in your life. There will not be another one like it in the entire world!

"Eli vs God"
by John Moelker

Book Description
Publication Date: February 19, 2018

A twenty-two-year-old, frustrated Eli Poole is about to break free from a Christian home where he clearly doesn't belong. He can imagine the freedom. Free at last! No more disapproving looks from his father. No more incessant attempts by his mother to evangelize her wayward son. No more clingy, snot-nosed little brother to put up with. In 3 days, Eli will finally escape Hicksville and enter a brave, new world, full of bright lights and great expectations.

Eli's journey will take him into a wilderness of trials and temptations and a valley that is deep, dark, and full of danger. But he might also meet some strange and interesting people along the way. Who knows? He might even find some romance---if his greatest adversary allows it, that is.

Eli believes that it's Eli vs. the world. He's about to find out that it's not the world he has to worry about---it's the world's creator---the LORD God, Almighty. Eli is in for the fight of his life. A fight to the death. Join Eli on his journey. You might just see a little bit of Eli in you.

"Calysta and the Beast"
by Joanna Alonzo

Book Description
Publication Date: February 17, 2018

A beauty who cuts herself to cope.
A beast who steels himself to survive.
A beauty and a beast who need healing from their scars.

Life yanks Calysta Daniels out of her comfort zone when an odd request from a stranger becomes the only option to keep her father out of jail. The request? She has to live four years under the roof of a beast.

Brendan Keefe is perfection-turned-beast. The last thing he wants is to grovel at the feet of this imperfect young woman, who happens to be the only way out of the curse he got himself into.

Will Calysta's history and brokenness help reach out to a beast who considers himself beyond redemption? Or will Brendan's stubbornness deprive him of the love he so desperately longs for?

Both beautiful, both broken, this beauty and this beast embark on a journey to discover a love greater than themselves, a love powerful enough to heal all scars and give beauty for ashes. If only they would believe.

"Rooted - "One Step Back: A Titus Ray Thriller"
by Luana Ehrlich

Book Description
Publication Date: February 9, 2018

CIA intelligence officer Titus Ray tries to recruit a nuclear scientist in Tehran.
Days later, he goes on the run from the secret police.
Titus Ray has been in Iran for the past two years trying to recruit assets willing to feed him intel on the Iranian opposition. When he unexpectedly meets Amir Madani, one of Iran's premier nuclear scientist, he can't resist the opportunity to pursue him as a CIA asset.

Although Chaman, a beautiful Iranian socialite, warns Titus to stay away from Madani, he ignores her advice and befriends the nuclear scientist. The consequences prove disastrous for Titus, and, as the secret police close in on him, he's forced to find shelter with a group of Iranian Christians, who risk their own lives to save his.

One Step Back, a Titus Ray Thriller novella, is the prequel to One Night in Tehran, Book I in the Titus Ray Thriller Series.

Here's what reviewers are saying about Titus Ray Christian Thrillers:
"I recommend these books for all who enjoy good clean fiction, especially those involving current events in the world. I like the development of the characters and their relationship. I gave it five stars for the great storyline and the characters that seem so real." -Amazon review

"The characters are very well-developed and believable. I enjoyed the way the author described Titus Ray's internal struggles and character flaws creating a very authentic main character. The story was action-packed and one is left wondering how the author could be so knowledgeable of the CIA and the work of their covert operatives." -Amazon review

Purchase this heart-stopping Christian thriller TODAY!

"The Covenant of Protection"
by Isaac John Akagu

Book Description
Publication Date: February 2, 2018

As chaos and uncertainty keeps ravaging the lives of millions of people around the world today, this book holds vital secrets that will put you into a place of protection and help you secure exemption for ever! You don't wanna miss this one.

by Garry Matheny

Book Description
Publication Date: February 1, 2018

"Operation Ivy Bells", America's most important (and most dangerous of the Cold War) clandestine operations.

If you like good old fashioned American bravado, espionage and American history, you will enjoy this book.

"The Leadership Qualities of Jesus"
by Isaac John Akagu

Book Description
Publication Date: February 1, 2018

As companies, corporations, organizations and even countries keep facing unbelievable crises stemming from poor leadership, this book will help you unlock the keys to outstanding leadership based on the life and time of Jesus! Everyone needs this!

JANUARY, 2018:

"Legacy and Ministry Adventures of Dana Bratton"
by Dana Bratton

Book Description
Publication Date: January 26, 2018

Legacy writing is a way of documenting your family background, life experiences, values, and opinions to share with others. To write about what is most important to the author, while still alive rather than at the funeral.

At the age of 61, I am writing this to share the personal legacy of my life. My intention is to let you know my thoughts and feelings about the life I have lived, to honor the relationships that have enriched my life, to express my gratitude for friends and family and my love for God. To know Him and to make Him known. I am very thankful for those who have prayed for and supported Cindy and me through the years. The most important thing in all of life is knowing God, having a relationship with Him. My life experience has taught me that God can always be trusted to guide and provide. God can use a sinner with not many abilities to do great things for Him and take you around the world doing it. If you surrender to Him.

My special memories and cherished moments are mainly of my wife Cindy, she has been the love of my life since meeting in her in 1974, she is my lover, and my best friend. She has been faithful 42 years. She has completed me, loved me during the good times and bad, bore and raised our children, homeschooled them. She has labored beside me. gone where I have gone or worked and allowed me to go. She has cared for each of our homes, cooked the meals, done the laundry and sewing. She helped me with my broken legs, my eye surgeries, and with other health problems. She prepares my daily medicine box. She has brought her insight, wisdom and decisiveness to our relationship. She has brought great joy to my life. We have been able to serve God together.

I greatly love and appreciate my parents.
I love my children, and my grandchildren.
I love every time even just one person come to faith in Christ after I shared the Gospel.
Some of my special memories are of my marriage to Cindy, the births of each of our three children, God's call on my life to be a pastor, answered prayer at a hospital bed many times. God's call to go to Thailand, and God's provision in 28 years of faith ministry. What has given me strength in difficult times is my faith in God, prayer, the Bible, and Christian music.

My hope for all who would read my autobiography is for you to have a close relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. I pray that you will step out in faith and trust Him to use you, and guide and provide for you, as He has for me. I hope this book will encourage aspiring pastors and missionaries; and will draw attention to the great need of evangelism especially among children, the sick, the elderly and in countries like Thailand, that are sometimes neglected by main stream Christianity. Ephesians 4:11-12 And He gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, Verse 12 gives the main job description of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers - that is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. That has been my life work to equip the saints, through preaching, teaching, and providing resources such as songs and flannel backgrounds, and web sites so that other believers can also do the work of the ministry. Find out what it's like for an ordinary man to do extraordinary things through pastoring, child evangelism, and hospital ministry. Read of how God worked to bring thousands of people to faith in Christ.

"Blast From Her Past"
by zKaty Eeten

Book Description
Publication Date: January 23, 2018

After a disastrous failed engagement, Sydney Hampson is leaving her past--and her faith--behind to focus on her career instead. However, following through with her new, albeit misguided, resolution proves easier said than done when former classmate, and reformed bully, Grant Williams signs on with her company, and they must work closely together.

Grant Williams gave up his teenage antics years ago, and now he's looking forward to a future that includes a strong relationship with God. When he realizes he'll be working with none other than Sydney Hampson--the girl he had a secret crush on throughout high school--he couldn't be more thrilled. Until he discovers she's not the same caring, compassionate woman she used to be.

When a business trip gone awry leaves the pair stranded in the middle of a snowstorm, Grant sees his chance to make things right and put their past wrongs behind them...if only Sydney can get over her distrust of men. And with a conniving coworker working to destroy Sydney's happiness, no matter the cost, can she put her faith back in God and learn to trust in Grant before she loses her chance at happiness?

"Full Moon Rising"
by T. M. Becker

Book Description
Publication Date: January 16, 2018

A Father's Neglect... A Brother's Betrayal... Answers... that's all Arabella ever wanted. Answers about how to vanquish the recurring nightmares that plague her... or where her mother came from and why she disappeared so many years ago.

To fifteen-year-old Arabella, the answers must lie in the books her mother left behind when she vanished. But the books are written in an ancient language shrouded in mystery--- the language of magic. And in the conquered land of Atruria, magic is forbidden. Instead of answers, the books offer only more questions--- and a death sentence when her brother discovers her secret.

Arabella is resigned to her fate, until late one night her cell door bursts open. For though magic has been forbidden in Atruria... it has not been forgotten.

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