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Riley Geddings is a writer, published author, popular Florida landscape artist, computer analyst / programmer, and webmaster. He loves the sea, from running on the beach to sailing on its waves. He also loves to swim in it.

Riley created and programmed this website,, in 2012 to market his writings as well as to assist other authors with their marketing endeavors. He came up with the scheme to offer writers marketing at affordable prices - both free and low-budget. His website has thrived and has grown to become a #1 best place to advertise books and eBooks.

Riley is happily married to Maggie Geddings and together have co-authored several eBooks. They are currently writing the "Unknown Island Chronicles", a series of thrilling, adventure-fiction ebooks. The first ebook in the series, "Unknown Island Paradise" was published in October, 2012. The second ebook in the series, "Unknown Island Paradise 2" was published in November, 2012; and both are available for purchase at all major online book stores. The third ebook in the series is in process and should be published soon.

As a boy of 12, Riley started painting in high school, under a great art teacher who saw his potential and gave him top grades. As a young adult, Riley studied oil painting under a noted art teacher in North Carolina. Living in Florida, the natural beauty is endless and provides unlimited subject matter for his paintings. Most of his work is inspired from actual scenes in Florida and was developed in an effort to stress the importance of saving the Florida Everglades ! Riley is featured on dozens of well-known international art and artist's internet websites, and he has produced many commissioned projects for art lovers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain; and he has been involved in large commercial projects as the exclusive artist as well.

Riley started his adult career as a professional software programmer/analyst. This enabled him to develop several of his own websites, which in turn provided him with an avenue to pursue his ambition to become a writer and publisher. With the advent and popularity of eBooks, Riley was ready, willing, and able to launch his dream of becoming a published author.

In the same way that he created his artistic masterpieces, Riley also had a desire to create literary masterpieces - and thus a new author was born. He recognized that a hidden force was moving within him to urge him in this new direction. He calls upon this same force to lead him and to guide him to wield his words wisely.

Riley served his country by enlisting in the U.S. Coast Guard, where his duties led him to work on a top-secret joint venture project between the USA and England, sailing on a cutter in the Caribbean Sea. During that special mission, Riley went ashore on numerous tropical islands in the Bermuda Triangle, some of which were uninhabited. It was during those halcyon days that Riley developed a love for all aspects of tropical island life which ultimately laid the groundwork for his writing the "Unknown Island Chronicles" series.

One of Riley's eBooks: Past Present Future:

Past Present Future

2 Deep-Romance eBooks co-authored with Maggie:

"Unknown Island Paradise"
by Riley & Maggie Geddings
Tropical Deep Romance

"Unknown Island Paradise 2"
by Riley & Maggie Geddings
Tropical Suspence Romance

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